10 Child-Friendly Boat Tours in Valencia

In Valencia you will definitely never run out of fun water activities and exciting tours. Some of Valencia’s highlights are the diverse options for boat tours and water rides; not only along the beautiful beaches of Valencia but also on stunning rivers and lagoons that offer fantastic routes and places to explore with your family. Now is a great time to cool off with a boat tour for the whole family. So here comes our list of ten child-friendly boat tours in Valencia for you:

10 Child-Friendly Boat Tours in Valencia Valencia Kids1. Devesa Gardens

Devesa Gardens is one of the best camping locations in Valencia. This place offers multiple outdoor activities for the entire family to enjoy, including boat tours on the beautiful lagoon of the Albufera Park.  The boat trip lasts for about one hour and the price is 5€ per adult and 2,50€ per child (3-12-years-old). Please check with Devesa Garden’s reception to receive information about the times and availability.


10 Child-Friendly Boat Tours in Valencia Valencia Kids2. Boramar Boat Tours

Boramar Boat Tours offers different maritime excursions to explore the coasts of Valencia. You and your family will be able to spend a nice sea trip and even attend an onboard party, with lots of fun inside and outside of the water. Banana boat trips, paddle surf, and Jet Ski, there are so many fun activities for you and your children to enjoy. Also available is party planning—for a birthday or any special occasion—where everything will be taken care of for you.

10 Child-Friendly Boat Tours in Valencia Valencia Kids3. Holiday Center “Embalse Benageber”

This camping site has been created by a group of people focused on providing the best natural adventure experiences within the community of Valencia. In this recreational center you will find natural parks, water slides, horse riding, hiking and canoeing in the waters of the local landmark: the Benageber Reservoir. A private jetty, which facilitates the water activities and tours, is available to make sure that the experience is unforgettable. The Holiday Center “Embalse Benageber” is about 1.5 hours by car from the city of Valencia but the visit will undoubtedly be worthy of the trip.

10 Child-Friendly Boat Tours in Valencia Valencia Kids4. Cabecera Park Pedal Boat Tour

Next to the famous Bioparc zoo, you’ll find the beautiful Cabecera Park, which is certainly a great option for the family to spend a nice day in the nature. The lake, surrounded by a great diversity of fauna, is available for renting swan-like pedal boats to discover the natural environment while resting in peace and relaxation. The pirate boat playground is very close to the lake as well as the park’s café, making this a great place to enjoy the outdoors without leaving the city.

10 Child-Friendly Boat Tours in Valencia Valencia Kids5. Intercamp Valencia

This bilingual and nautical camp offers different courses of water sports and activities. You can choose from sailboat, paddle surf, canoeing and more, all within a quiet and safe environment. Your kids will be able to enjoy different workshops in both English and Spanish, and all activities are developed on the beach by a professional team, which guarantees that your children will have an unforgettable experience playing in the sun.

10 Child-Friendly Boat Tours in Valencia Valencia Kids6. Boat Tours in Albufera

This traditional family business is located in Devesa Park, and no one knows better the natural environment of Albufera and all of the wonders that you can find here. Your family will be able to enjoy a water tour on the lagoon, leaving from their private port without queues or waiting, and giving you around an hour’s time to relax and enjoy the scenery. Just call to book an appointment, and they will take care of the rest.

+34 961 04 23 35
+34 686 88 60 53

10 Child-Friendly Boat Tours in Valencia Valencia Kids7. Mundo Marino

Mundo Marino offers one of the best sailing experiences in the city. With Mundo Marino you can book catamaran trips to explore the Valencian coast, where you and your family will be able to have fun and rest on the tranquility of the sea. You can also enjoy different family oriented activities and take a dip in the safe areas of the crossing. Don’t hesitate to spend a wonderful day under the sun, and even celebrate your parties onboard!

10 Child-Friendly Boat Tours in Valencia Valencia Kids8. Suplife Valencia

This company offers different courses, trips, and water activities to take advantage of the local aquatic life. You and your kids can learn to paddle and kite surf while exploring natural caves near the city of Valencia. You choose the destination (beaches, Albufera) and they provide you with the equipment and training necessary for your family to explore the waters in the most exciting way. This is also a great alternative to celebrate birthday parties and special occasions while enjoying aquatic fun.

10 Child-Friendly Boat Tours in Valencia Valencia Kids9. Boats and River Cruises in the Benabeger Reservoir

If you wish to explore the Benabeger Reservoir in an unconventional way, this amazing ecological river trip, located only an hour outside of Valencia, is the perfect experience with family and friends. Your children will have the opportunity to navigate and get to know the local area in a very different and fun way: on a unique boat, powered completely by solar energy. Spend a day enjoying this ecological experience far from the urban city, and connect with this amazing natural environment.

10 Child-Friendly Boat Tours in Valencia Valencia Kids10. Jet Ski Valencia

With Jet Ski Valencia, you and your family will be able to enjoy the most exciting water rides around, all while on the safest machines and with the best equipment. Furthermore, they also have an amazing catamaran called “Dama de Valencia” in which you will be able to view the city from a different (and aquatic) perspective. They provide Jet Ski training and different packages, which can include meals and drinks, to ensure that you and your kids have the best time inside and outside of the water. Relax and have the most fun on the shores of Valencia!


Hopefully, our list of 10 Child-Friendly Boat Tours in Valencia will help you to spend an unforgettable summer in Valencia with your family. If you liked this article, make sure to sign up for our Valencia Kids’ newsletter to never miss any of our blog posts in future.

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