10 Dental Clinics For Kids In Valencia (incl. map)

Dental hygiene is a habit that should start at a young age. Milk teeth should not be underestimated because any untreated disease can have a negative influence on permanent teeth. Sometimes, it is not only necessary to ward off dental diseases during these years, but it is also important to treat any unexpected cavities, injuries, tooth trauma and even prevent orthodontics.
Pediatric dentistry is not the same as adult dentistry. Kids should be taken care by specific professionals who not only solve their dental problems but also provide childcare and a comfortable environment. To make it easier for you, we have created a list of 10 dental clinics with a staff of pediatric dentists in Valencia that will make your kid’s experience pleasant and effective while guaranteeing the best dental care.

1. Dr. Paloma Pérez Prieto’s Dental Clinic
This clinic for children specialises in baby, child, teenage and special patient dental care. The professional team helps prevent dental disease, customising the experience of every patient according to age. They offer support in all types of dentistry, including orthodontics, and are focused on providing a “dental home” specially decorated and prepared for kids to feel at home and not be afraid of the dentist. Their aim is for children to grow up without dental fear or anxiety and feel happy when visiting the dentist. You can book your appointment online and find more information in their website.

2. Identikids
In this center, pediatric dentists and orthodontic professionals treat children primarily, even if they are not very willing to visit the dentist’s office. The first step is to explain all the procedures and provide a nice environment to gain their trust, but if your child definitely does not want to undergo the full process, they also administer a gentle numbing and use a dental laser to ensure great results without trauma. They offer service in dental hygiene, dental replacement, feeding bottle and pacifier issues, tooth brushing technique, milk teeth care and treatment, cavities, x rays and more. You can book an appointment online on their web page where you can learn more about their professional team and facilities.

3. Dental Clinic Alonso Stuyck
These modern and attractive facilities aim to offer a home environment not only for kids but also for the whole family. Moreover, they provided the best professional dentists trained to offer support in all dental diseases and specialties, including pediatric dentistry. The only way kids are willing to receive dental care is when they trust the dental staff and feel comfortable and at home with the surroundings. That is why in this place, the pediatric dentists work hard to offer the best treatment and coziest environment for children. Moreover, as prevention is the best way to reduce visits to the dentist and avoid uncomfortable procedures, this clinic focuses on promoting good hygiene and nutrition habits at a young age to ensure good oral health. Book your appointment online or leave your information in their webpage and they will contact you.

4. Ziving Consuelo Badia
Ziving is an association of orthodontic professionals focused on changing children’s perception of dental care. They offer an exclusive orthodontic system accompanied with a magic environment especially designed for children. They will find rockets, a house full of fun things and even a pet, our friend Zinky. All kids will be able to play, make friends and have fun while living the orthodontic treatment experience. While in most of cases, children don’t want to go to the dentist, at Ziving most don’t want to go back home! Their aim is to say goodbye to classic dental care techniques (addressed to adults) and offer a whole universe of fun and imagination for children while taking care of their dental health. Furthermore, if you have a multilingual family, they also offer service in English to facilitate communication with different cultures.

Another Ziving Dentist in Paterna: https://www.facebook.com/zivingpaterna/

5. Dental Clinic MIDSA Odontología & Co
This clinic with more than 10 years of experience in dental care focuses on the importance of prevention and attention to dental health in little ones. They recommend that children visit the dentist during first months of life. Dental care should start early and the sooner parents start establishing good oral habits, the more children will value dental health and become willing to accept any future treatment. The facilities in this center are especially adapted to children to ensure a pleasant and cozy experience. Besides, the pediatric dentist, Dr. Teresa Santoyo, will treat not only your kid’s dental needs but also his/her emotional concerns.

6. Dental Clinic Dr. María José Oltra Moscardó
The professional team of Dr. María José Oltra Moscardó consists of qualified and experienced dentists trained in different areas of dentistry, including, of course, pediatric dentistry. Moreover, the clinic is provided with modern technological resources that guarantee the best experience and results in any dental treatment, both for kids and parents. Their philosophy here is that every patient is unique and has to be treated according to his/her needs and concerns, even more so if they are kids. For this reason, all treatments are completely customized and focus on a full interaction between patient and dentist that allows children to feel more comfortable and positive about the procedure. Kids will have a great experience with the charismatic pediatric dentist, Javier Rangel, who imparts a good impression of dental care and guarantees the success of future interactions in the office.

7. IDIM Dental Clinic
This clinic combines both dentistry and pediatrics in the best way. It offers a playful environment and uses psychology and simple speech to allow the dentist to establish a solid and kind relationship with each patient and obtain the best treatment results, while providing a pleasant experience. They help you solve all dental issues such as cavities, congenital absence of teeth, malocclusion, teeth replacement and more. This place is definitely a shining star in Valencian pediatric dentistry, both for adults and kids.

8. E-dent Odontología Valencia
Here a professional team focuses on customized dental attention to children. Both pediatric and orthodontic dentists apply effective techniques to solve dental issues in a short period of time. They can customize smiles no matter the patient’s age and concerns. High technology, human warmth, empathy and professionalism are the hallmarks of this clinic, which guarantees a comfortable experience with great oral health results. Note that the first visit is completely free and includes X rays, cleaning, diagnosis, a quote and financing.

9. Dental Blanch
This clinic relies on a professional dental team specializing in different areas. Their goal is to offer complete service both for kids and adults. When it comes to pediatric dentistry, their mission is lead the child through the treatment process to help him/her develop a positive attitude. Cooperation and trust are the key ingredients that guarantee successful results in kids’ dental disease. Dental Blanch boasts of a kind specialist, Dr. Andrea Armengol, who provides the best dental experience for children to ensure they will want to come back. Book your appointment online and find out more about their schedule and services on their website.

10. Carla Barber
This clinic offers services in all areas of dentistry, and pediatric dentistry is definitely one of its fundamental specialties. Early treatment and prevention are the keys to a healthy mouth in the future. For this reason, Dr. Carla Barber and the pediatric dentist, Javier Rangel (who also attends another clinic on this list), work hard to offer a fun and creative atmosphere for little ones to feel confident while undergoing their procedures. They have established an effective dynamic in which parents focus on prevention more than curative treatments to normalize the act of visiting the dentist on a regular basis. The idea is that kids conceive dental care as a necessary but fun activity within their routines. Here you will find not only the best results but encouraging and gentle attention for your most important treasure.

Oral health starts at home and selecting the right dental professional can make a difference in the dental health of your kid and his/her dental habits for life. Many dental clinics also offer the first dental review for kids for free. Hopefully, our list of 10 dentists for children in Valencia will help you find the right dentist that you and your child will trust.

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