10 Second Hand Stores & Markets With Toys And Clothes For Kids In Valencia

Second hand markets are a great opportunity to make a smart purchase. The trend of buying second hand items not only helps you save money, but it also helps the environment. To make it easier for you, we have created a list of 10 second hand markets and stores in Valencia where you can buy kids’ clothes, toys and more in an eco-friendly and affordable way.

1. Il Market: Flea Market in Valencia

10 Second Hand Stores & Markets With Toys And Clothes For Kids In Valencia Valencia KidsThe cultural association, “Il Quartiere”, is committed to the environmental conservation. It offers a recurring flea market as well as other activities such as concerts, workshops, recitals, and talks. “Il Market” is one of the most popular secondhand markets in Valencia and definitely represents a great opportunity to find all kinds of items (including children’s products) while enjoying a nice cultural activity. It takes place one Sunday almost every month. If you cannot close your kid’s storage cabinet and need to get rid of some useful things (that your child does not use), or want to find some clothing and toys in good condition, this is definitely a great way to spend a Sunday.

Address: Russafa, Calle Denia 32


2. NenEco

This is a great option for those who have babies and even grown up children and need to sell some old stuff. NenEco has both a physical store in Valencia and an online store, so you can check the virtual catalog or simply visit the store to buy or offer for sale whatever you like. As you will find baby products in excellent conditions, you will need to deliver your items in the same way for them to be accepted in the store. Here you will find strollers, baby seats, slings, scarfs, cradles, swings, baths, changing tables, high chairs, bottle-warmers, bottle sterilizer, breast pumps, baby gyms, walkers, toys, clothing, pregnancy products, and basically everything you need to look after your baby or toddler.

Address: c/Martínez Aloy, 10, Junto a Pérez Galdós 20, 46007 Valencia


3. La Fábrica de Hielo

10 Second Hand Stores & Markets With Toys And Clothes For Kids In Valencia Valencia Kids“La Fábrica de Hielo” (The Ice Factory) is an independent creative place located at the beach Cabanyal. This old shed has been adapted to provide recreation and spread artistic expression by offering a variety of cultural and leisure activities every month. Among its most popular events is the flea market they organize on some Saturdays. In this market, you will find clothing and assorted items for all ages (including toys) with the plus of live music and diverse food options. This is a good bet for an exciting purchase and a cultural experience. You just need to keep an eye on their cultural agenda to learn when the next market will take place.

Address: Carrer de Pavia, 37, 46011 Valencia


4. Jumble sale “Piel de Mariposa”

In this  chain of charity shops, you will find both new and used articles donated by people and companies with the aim of raising awareness and contributing to the cause of the butterfly skin disease. These stores are managed by a group of volunteers, and as you can donate anything in good condition, they offer a great variety of products (including items for children). In Valencia, there is a branch in Benimaclet; by purchasing in there, you will be helping this little known illness, cooperating with environmental care, and getting the products you need at affordable prices. Furthermore, the association in charge of this cause offers other activities such as yoga, sewing workshops, and more.

Address: Calle Dolores Marqués, 30 esquina Torreta de Miramar 4, Benimaclet, 46020 Valencia


5. Bamboo kids

This store, located in Ruzafa, offers articles for babies, toddlers and kids – both new and used. The secondhand selection of items has been carefully chosen to ensure that you purchase a product almost new, but considerably cheaper. Here you will find all kind of clothing, toys, and products for children from 0 to 12 years old. Additionally, they offer consulting and other activities on the subject of attachment parenting: respecting children’s physical and emotional needs. This is the perfect place to purchase things for your child, even if you are a mom-to-be or your kid is a little bit older. You will find anything from socks to car seats without spending a fortune.

Address: Plaça del Dr. Landete, 7, 46006 Valencia


6. Cash Converters

Cash Converters is a top global franchise dedicated to buying and selling secondhand items. It is a great choice to quickly sell those things your family no longer uses  and to buy quality-assured products. The diversity of options is unlimited, including items for your little ones. Additionally, all products go through a selection process to ensure quality at the best price. Best of all is that you can find a branch of this franchise in almost every city of Spain, and Valencia is not an exception. There are three different branches on Del Puerto Avenue, Burjasot Street, and Troya Street. Moreover, even if you are in Valencia but you want to buy from the comfort of your home, you can visit their web-shop and take advantage of their offerings without having to leave your couch.

Address: Avd. Del Puerto, 199 -46022- Valencia, C/ Burjasot, 5 -46009- Valencia, C/ Troya, 1 -46007- Valencia


7. MamáMarkt

This store is the result of the work of a devoted forward-looking mom who wanted to offer the best brands and products for children that not any mother is able to pay for at affordable prices. MamáMarkt’s main goal is to simplify the life of parents by offering variety and quality, while ensuring that you feel like you are always buying something new without paying the actual cost. The concept is to “cut back on material things to spend in great experiences”, but this does not mean that saving money implies worn-out goods. In fact, in this store you will find the best brands in clothing and baby products that in most of the cases are brand new or showing very little use. If you are looking for a great benefit-cost ratio when purchasing things for your kids, MamáMarkt is an excellent choice.

Address: Carrer del Beat Nicolau Factor, 11, 46007 Valencia


8. Oxfam

There are two Oxfam second hand stores in Valencia. These are stores that sell second-hand clothes, are managed by a team of volunteers and are self-supplied thanks to the donation of clothing. The kids’ clothes selection in the Oxfam shop in Russaffa was not huge when we visited but the clothes were all of a very good quality. For adults, you will find clothing, shoes, handbags, belts, handkerchiefs and costume jewelery. You can also donate clothes that you now longer need or help as a volunteer.

Address: C/ San Vicente, 106. and C/ Literato Azorín, 16 bajo


9. Wallapop – App

This app is the quintessential secondhand virtual market. This community has become a referent of purchase in Spain and is formed by more than 40 million users with more than 100 million products. This virtual place helps you find the product you are looking for in the nearest place. You can choose from a variety of secondhand items and take advantage of the best offers. An advantage is that it is possible to narrow down your search according to what you need to purchase in an easy and quick manner. In Wallapop, you will find everything you need not only for your children (toys, clothes, school equipment, etc.), but also for your home and the rest of the family.


10. BabyECO online shop

This is a franchise of new and used baby products located in different parts of Spain, but unfortunately not in Valencia. However, this is not a reason not to make the most of its diverse and affordable products because they have an online store in which you will find a great diversity of secondhand products that have been barely used or are even brand new. In their online store you will find clothes, toys, strollers, car seats, high chairs and more, and all items are thoroughly checked for quality. Many products look new, but the prices are much lower than actual new products (about 50% less). If you go to Madrid, Tarragona, Huelva, Salamanca or Burgos, you will be able to visit any of the physical branches of BabyECO; but while in Valencia, you still have the opportunity to find the best brands, quality and prices without leaving the sofa.

Hopefully, our list of 10 Second Hand Stores & Markets With Toys And Clothes For Kids In Valencia will help you find some great bargains for you and your children while helping the environment a little. If you enjoyed this article, make sure to sign up for our Valencia Kids’ newsletter to never miss any of our blog posts in future.

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