10 Special Places in Valencia to Celebrate Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Celebrating your kid’s birthday party can be a big challenge. Every year brings a new opportunity to plan an original and fun activity where your child can be at the fore, but planning an outstanding party by yourself is exhausting for sure. There are lots of places in Valencia, and ludotecas are undoubtedly great options, but why not consider a different and original choice to celebrate this important day? For this reason, we have made a list of 10 awesome places in Valencia to celebrate your child’s birthday in a fun and unique way without going mad in the process. Your kid and his/her friends will have a great time in a way they will never forget while you leave the entertainment to others.

1. Vialdea
This is an educational park belonging to the project, ADAI SL, where schools and families go to learn and have a good time. The place has been designed for kids of primary school age (5-11 years old), themed as a model urban environment akin to a little village. Here you can celebrate a birthday party full of fun, role playing and urban amenities. Kids play and interact in the little houses, streets, markets, buildings, police, train and fire stations, hospital and much more. They will act like adults and learn about traffic safety and co-habitation rules while enjoying themselves as pedestrians or drivers. This is a different but unique way to celebrate, learn and play – all in one special day.

2. Fun Jump
This is the biggest trampoline park in Spain featuring more than 2500 m2 full of play areas. Adults and children of all ages will have the most fun while jumping, executing pirouettes and exercising. This is the perfect option for dynamic kids who cannot stay seated and need to release their internal energy. Your child will celebrate his/her special day with friends while moving the body to the max. The typical birthday celebration includes 1 hour of jumping, 1 hour of snacks, non-slip socks for all the guests, a cake, invitations and an additional hour of jumping for the birthday kid to enjoy another day. You don’t need to worry about anything: just relax, jump and celebrate. Children and adults from all ages are welcomed to celebrate at Fun Jump.

3. Dock 39
This is the main game attraction in Bonaire. It is provided with 1000 m2 of fun activities and leisure offerings for kids of all ages. You will find trampolines, soft areas for the littlest ones, playful climbing, escape rooms, a huge slide and much more. If you want your kid to have the funniest birthday party ever, Dock39 is definitely the place to be. The birthday kid and his/her friends will enjoy the best adventure attractions and have an experience they will never forget. The birthday package includes the great facilities, entertainers, invitations, a varied menu, optional piñata, private show and sweets. Fun and entertainment for kids of all ages are guaranteed at Dock 39.

4. Bioparc
This zoo-park offers one of the most amazing experiences ever with animals. Here you will find a variety of animals living free in natural spaces, very similar to their own habitats. If your child likes animals and you want to celebrate a wild birthday party in the nature, this is undoubtedly the best option. Your kid and his/her friends will enjoy the giraffes, elephants, gorillas, lions, lemurs and many other species during a 1- hour-and-a-half guided tour. Then, the whole group will share a snack, have cake and receive a little souvenir from the park. You can choose from different options and promotions to celebrate this important day in an amazing urban animal kingdom. Kids of all ages are welcome to celebrate a wild birthday party!

5. Cosmic Bowling
Bowling, games, snacks and friends are a great combination for a party. At Cosmic Bowling, you can plan not only your kid’s birthday but also any kind of celebration. They have 20 bowling alleys ready to receive guests and are the outstanding in planning all kinds of events. If you have a competitive and athletic child, this is the perfect choice for his/her birthday. Your kid will enjoy playing with friends, not only for bowling but also pool and table football. Furthermore, all attendees will enjoy a tasty snack and receive a nice gift, making this day an unforgettable experience. This place is ideal to celebrate the birthdays of kids from 5-6 years old to adults.

6. Park Adventure in Nuevo Centro
The shopping center, Nuevo Centro, offers an amazing adventure park loaded with enough attractions ready to test your adrenaline. They have activities for all tastes and ages. For little children (aged 4 and above), there is a kid’s zone with 7 different challenges placed 1 meter from the ground. In the junior zone (for kids aged 12 years and above), the challenges are placed 4 meters from the ground. Besides these challenges, you will also find a super safe 12-meter-high climbing wall, two 113-meter death slides and a 10-meter leap of faith. They have a birthday partnership with McDonald’s, so if you celebrate your kid’s birthday with them, you will be able to enjoy a special zone for the party, an individual gift for the birthday kid, a Happy Meal and a delicious cake.

7. Princelandia
If you have a child who loves to feel like a little princess, there is no better option than celebrating the birthday with a princess party at Princelandia. In this wonderful spot, all kids will experience a magical 2 hours full of glam and fantasy. During the first hour, they will receive the best spa treatment and later enjoy a tasty snack in an amazing princess-themed room. To finish the nice ceremony, they will also sing karaoke and finally share a succulent cake. This place definitely offers a magical world tailored to all little princesses and is the perfect choice for those between 3-12 years old.

8. Valencia Karting Center
This circuit of karts, located in Paterna, allows both bigger and younger children to release their adrenaline and drive like professional pilots. If your boy or girl likes cars and wants to be able to drive for a day with friends without needing a driving license, what could be better than a birthday party behind the wheels? Your kid and accompanying friends will enjoy 540 meters of circuit and 18 curves for the best driving experience. In their facilities, you will also find a ball pool in case you have little guests. Learn more about the various birthday party promotions for kids between 6 and 14 years old and those aged 14 years and above on their website. Let your kid bring out his or her inner pilot!

9. Fun on Ice
If you think you can only celebrate an ice birthday party during the winter, you are wrong. Fun on Ice gives you and your family the opportunity to enjoy the cold and ice skating ALL MONTHS of the year. At this ice rink, your child and his/her friends will have the amazing experience of ice skating. They will enjoy a warm greeting with snacks and cake in the cafeteria or the party hall before going to the rink accompanied by an instructor, who will teach them all the secrets of the ice. The birthday package includes the use of the rink, skate rental, snacks and an instructor. In addition, the birthday kid will receive a special gift. This is a great plan for kids from the age of 5 to teenagers.

10. Enigma Experience

With Enigma Experience, you can discover new sensations of family leisure. If you want to try different things, feel attracted by mystery, enjoy adventure and team work and are looking for an original place to host a birthday event this is the best choice. As its name suggests, this place is full of enigmas both for kids and adults. The escape room with strategy games can be adapted to different ages and categories. You will find outdoor games, city games, escape games and more. If you celebrate your kid’s birthday here, they will offer you the best options based on the number of guests, their ages and any ideas you have. A child from the age of 5 years and on, and his or her friends, will spend a fun, ludic, encouraging and unforgettable day at Enigma Experience!

Hopefully, our list of 10 Special Places in Valencia to Celebrate Your Kid’s Birthday Party will help you organise an unforgettable day for your little one and his or her friends.

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