8 Spectacular Summer Schools In Valencia

Are you ready for the summer? In Spain children get almost twelve weeks of holidays! For those of you who have moved to Spain from other countries, that can come as bit of a shock. Three months! What are you going to do with the kids? Some parents may look forward spending more quality time with their little ones, doing lots of fun activities, going camping perhaps, day trips, beach and pool sessions or just let them play happily in the garden. School days are long here in Spain, so it is nice to have more time to focus on other things than homework and the daily routines. However, many of us parents have to work for a large part of the summer and if abuela and abuelo are not there to help out, then you need to find a solution. No wonder many children in Spain spend a good few weeks in summer camps, to continue their learning in a more playful and fun way and solve the issue of childcare in the holidays.

Now, once you start doing your research into summer school options, you may get a bit lost as there are so many choices. All private schools are offering pretty great summer camps stuffed with fantastic activities, mostly also open to non-pupils, so it is worth checking a few of those out for sure. Most camps are also available for either half days or full days, depending what you are looking for or what your budget is. Then there are a lot of summer schools totally taught in English, aimed at Spanish kids, to boost their language skills. If your children are already fluent in English this may not be what you’re looking for and perhaps you prefer to look for schools that are taught only in Spanish, or a mix of both.

To give you some inspiration, we have listed 10 spectacular summer schools in Valencia that have a slightly different agenda compared to the summer school programs of the ‘regular’ schools.

Summer schools with swimming lessons and water sports in Valencia

8 Spectacular Summer Schools In Valencia Valencia Kids

1. Aquaval / Piscina Parque Oeste
Calle músico Ayllón s/n, Valencia 46018
• From age 4 to 17
• Language: Spanish and English
• Price from 105 Euro per week. 10% discount for multiple weeks and siblings.
• Tel 963 822 054 email info@aquaval.es

A place to send your kids this summer for plenty of sports and water fun is the Aquaval Swimming Pool in Benicalap. With excellent facilities covering more than 9,000 square meters, which include three swimming pools, a sports court, a playground with zip line, a climbing wall and three classrooms, the kids are well set up for summer action. The school’s goal is to encourage physical exercise as a healthy habit in children. The activities during summer school include skating, surfing, soccer, handball, volleyball, badminton, basketball, tennis, climbing, and mini golf, along with craft workshops, board games and table tennis. The offered water sports include water polo, swimming, drag surf and water inflatables. We bet your children will sleep well after spending the day here.

8 Spectacular Summer Schools In Valencia Valencia Kids2. Ocean Republik
Located on the pier in the Marina, 46024 Valencia
• From age 6 to 17
• Language: Spanish
• Price: 160 Euro per week + 8,50 Euro insurance
• Tel 601 20 53 27 Email info@oceanrepublik.com

Got some real water crazy children at home? Ocean Republik offers a summer school on the beach in Valencia, where kids from age 6 will have a great time learning windsurfing and stand up paddle surfing (SUP). Each day two different water sports will be practiced. Notions of paddling, control and direction of the SUP board, short turns, wind and basic considerations, team windsurfing, courses, tack and safety in the water are all aspects of the sports that are being addressed in the classes. If due to weather conditions activities are suspended, the children will be entertained with knot workshops, water games, video viewing and more to increase their knowledge about surfing. All activities are carried out in favourable weather conditions, with calm waters. In addition, every child wears a life jacket, and they are always supported by a pneumatic boat.

8 Spectacular Summer Schools In Valencia Valencia Kids3. LudoCole
Carretera de Bétera, s/n. 46110 Godella (Valencia)
• From age 3 to 15
• Language: English
• Price: from 90 Euro per week for a full day, excluding lunch and transport. Discounts for multiple week.
• Tel 677 671 551 Email ludocole@ludocole.com

The summer School of LudoCole (part of colegio EPLA), just outside the city in Godella, is the perfect summer school for pupils who want to be outdoors in nature, while doing a huge amount of different activities, incl. daily swimming sessions. On day one, each child gets assessed for their level of swimming, so they can join other kids with the same level. The youngest ones will learn to swim, while the older ones will play water sports like water polo or diving for treasures. LudoCole is a camp in English which includes writing and reading lessons. Apart from a few language lessons in class, the children will have a fun filled days with dancing, playing games, swimming and other activities in nature.

Summer schools with a science theme in Valencia

8 Spectacular Summer Schools In Valencia Valencia Kids

4. City of Arts and Sciences
Avda. del Professor López Piñero 3 – 46013 València
• From age 5 to 12
• Language: Spanish
• Price 240 Euro per week, including all meals and activities. 15% discount for siblings or when you are a single parent. If you are a member of the City of Arts and Sciences Club, you only pay 225 Euro for the week.
• Tel 96 197 46 86 Email reservas@cac.es

This spectacular summer school takes place in the Hemisfèric, the Science Museum and Oceanogràfic. The school’s philosophy: to turn children into ‘Scientists of the future’. Everything will revolve around space exploration, with a fantastic leisure-educational offer where the kids will spend a fabulous week becoming geologists, engineers and astronauts. They will use 3D printers to study Mars and assist in the launch of a rocket. They will travel to the International Space Station and train as an astronaut in the Waterballs and Kayaks of the lakes around the buildings. In the facilities of the Berklee College of Music Valencia, the kids will take part in a workshop on the composition of soundtracks for films and video games with a Martian theme. In the Oceanogràfic the children will travel the seas of the Earth to understand how they could be the exoplanets Kepler-22b or Trappist-1e. They will greet the first beluga breeding in Europe, new species of jellyfish and spend a whole night sleeping with sharks. Excited yet? We are!

8 Spectacular Summer Schools In Valencia Valencia Kids5. Robótica para niños
Plaza Enrique Granados, 9, Valencia
Calle Platero Suarez, 6, Valencia
• From age 6 years
• Language: Spanish
• Price: 159 Euro per week for full days including lunch. 10% discount for multiple weeks and siblings.
• Tel 960 625 341 Email roboticaparaninos@gmail.com

For kids who love robots, mechanics, Minecraft and programming video games, this summer school sounds amazing! Imagine spending a whole week having fun with fellow enthusiasts, working on projects, learning about robotics and being a real tech-y inventor? Robótica para niños in the city of Valencia presents technology to children in a playful way and encourages them to be future scientists, engineers and programmers. The summer school includes the opportunity to try out many different activities and also learn how to solve problems and work in a team. Groups are divided per age (3-5, 6-8 and 9 and up) and are kept small (12 pupils max), so early booking is recommended. Activities and materials are different and specific for each age group. The summer school takes places in the city, but at two different locations (see the website for details).

Summer schools and learning about nature and animals

8 Spectacular Summer Schools In Valencia Valencia Kids6. Bioparc – courses are now full for 2019
Av. Pío Baroja nº3, Valencia
• Language: Spanish
• From age 5 to 12
• Price will be public after the sign up opens on 21 May.

• Tel 902 250 340 – Email info@bioparcvalencia.es

Every summer, BIOPARC Valencia organises the activity Expedition Africa, a summer holiday school for children from 5 to 12 years who are passionate about nature. The kids will have an unforgettable opportunity to discover Africa, the animals and plants that live there and the various landscapes. All without leaving Valencia and in an environment of respect, conservation and love for nature. The children will stay inside Bioparc each day from 9am until 5pm, apart from Friday, when they stay overnight for a sleepover in the zoo. What an adventure! Don’t be late for this summer school, as it is bound to be a popular one.

8 Spectacular Summer Schools In Valencia Valencia Kids7. Farma Escuela Massa del Rossi
Partida del Cossi, S/N
46136 Museros (Valencia)
• Language: English and Spanish
• From age 3 to 12
• Price: from 120 Euro per week. Discounts for multiple weeks. Bus transport available.
• Tel 963 44 85 20 or 699 33 41 67 Email campamentos@masiadelcossi.com

If your children normally spend most of their week in an urban environment, a summer camp on a farm might be a great change for them. This holiday program, only 12 KM outside of Valencia, features a large pine forest, an orchard and a farm with almost 150 animals. The children will take part in workshops, swimming classes and playfully improve their English skills with games, songs and crafts workshops; all led by qualified monitors. The school’s goal is to provide the kids with a family atmosphere so that they can have fun and enjoy their stay. Masia del Cossi, with its large pine forest and open spaces is the ideal setting for children to forget for a while the walls of the classrooms.

Summer Horseback riding schools in Valencia

8 Spectacular Summer Schools In Valencia Valencia Kids8. Centro Ecuestre L’Horta a Cavall
Calle del Matadero, S/N Godella (Valencia)
• Language: Spanish
• From age 6 to 17
• Price: 110 Euro per week, with 5% discount for additional weeks.
• Tel 691 735 661 Email info@lhortaacavall.com

If your child likes horseback riding, they’ll sure love this summer school, just north of Valencia city. Activities include riding lessons on the school’s premises and outside in the ‘huertas’ (fields and gardens) around Burjassot and Godella, handling and care of the horse and equestrian games. The children will also take time out from horse riding by cooling off in the pool and doing crafts workshops. The summer school is taught in Spanish, but teachers also speak English and German.

Hopefully, our list of 10 spectacular summer schools in Valencia has given you some inspiration. We wish the kids a fantastic summer holiday and us parents peace of mind.

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