10 Yoga Classes For Kids In Valencia

Yoga is a practice that can have a positive impact on the wellbeing of kids. It encourages balance and harmony in a child’s life. Yoga will stimulate your young one to know his or her own body, learn good posture and develop better attention span, memory and concentration. This is definitely a great option for children to exercise the body and mind, learn to control emotions and anxiety and improve motor skills. In Valencia there are multiple places where you and your family can start practicing this ancient Ayurvedic discipline, and to help you find the right one, we have selected the 10 best yoga studios offering classes specially designed for kids.

1. Espai Blanc

Espai Blanc is a new space of creativity, wellness and personal development in the city of Valencia. In this center many different artistic and dynamic activities provide a new kind of encounter with another culture by means of comprehensive training. Located in the Plaza de España, its goal is to support personal development based on the principles of bodily wellbeing and mind cultivation. Espai Blanc offers yoga classes for children to learn, play and exercise in a fun and dynamic way. These classes focus on helping them improve their creativity, concentration and balance while teaching them to respect, listen, cooperate and live together in harmony. The studio has other classes such as karate, guitar, Pilates for kids of all ages, Pilates for pregnant women, music, baby massage and more. In this place, your kids will be able to exercise since infancy.


2. Gobinde Yoga

This yoga school offers both classes and teacher training and certification. They offer diverse yoga styles and a special group for kids on Mondays. The aim of the children’s class is to learn to use their own resources and acquire tools to relieve the stress of daily life (school, homework, after-class activities etc.). With time, kids feel more balanced both physically and emotionally. The school believes in the importance of managing mental and emotional processes since a young age to avoid inner conflicts and a lack of harmony with the environment. To this end, they have designed a class in which children can learn to overcome daily life obstacles and how to control their bodies while playing. The classes for kids from 5 to 10 years last one hour during which they share a snack, and some games and experiences to relax before starting the activity. At Gobinde, you will find an option for every member of the family.


3. Armonía Pilates and Yoga

Armonía is a school of yoga and comprehensive care. Here you will find different activities that will help you feel healthier such as Pilates, different styles of yoga (Kundalini, Ashtanga and Hatha), Tai Chi, hipopressius exercises, as well as massages, various therapies and more. They believe that a healthy life is one where all aspects are considered and handled with love and respect to achieve holistic balancing. In this center, your family will practice yoga in peace and HARMONY (as its name suggests in Spanish). Every member can enjoy the customized activities according to their age and needs: yoga, dancing, martial arts and capoeira for kids, yoga for pregnant women, mom-and-baby yoga, family yoga, even breastfeeding assistance, infant massage and support for motherhood in general. They also offer leisure activities for kids such as storytelling, theatre, puppets, music and much more! This is a place to be happy, have fun and find the ideal balance in your life.


4. Yoga Iturbi

This center focuses on developing the body’s potential through yoga, Pilates, abs and Feldenkrais. One program includes conferences, courses, workshops and seminars both midweek and on weekends. Every Monday there are kids’ yoga classes in which children over 4 years are able to learn different asanas (yoga postures) through stories and tales, while they let their imaginations run free. If you are a new mom or have recently given birth, you will find postpartum yoga classes where you can improve your breathing, restore flexibility, gain strength and energy, exercise your body in a noninvasive manner and share with your new baby while meeting other moms in the motherhood tribe. Also, if you are pregnant, the prenatal yoga classes will help you connect with your baby since he/she is in your womb, relieve the typical discomforts of pregnancy and prepare you for labor. This is the perfect yoga place for kids and moms!


5. Music Fit Fun

Music Fit Fun is a combination bilingual school of music and yoga studio, with Pilates and dancing for people of all ages. Here you and your kids will learn how to play an instrument, sing, dance and exercise as you rock your body and relax your soul. The different classes are designed to help you improve your physical and mental strength. You can schedule simultaneous classes for you and your kids to be able to make the most of this experience together. Among the diverse programs, you will find yoga, Pilates, classes for body balance, fitness for babies and kids, yoga kids (6-12 years old), prenatal yoga, baby-and-mom yoga, family yoga, different styles of dancing (hip hop, ballet, flamenco), capoeira kids (6-12 years old), hipopressius exercises, Tai Chi, early stimulation for babies (0-12 months) and more. This school has multiple options for every member of the family since infancy, so you will have no excuse for not stimulating your body and mind!


6. Buddhi Yoga Valencia

This center offers a great variety of activities with a choice of schedules to encourage the regular practice of yoga and related disciplines, such as Pilates, air yoga and other personalized forms of  training. In Buddhi Yoga, for example, you will find yoga classes for kids, teenagers, moms, babies and moms, pregnant women, and many other workshops and courses where you can develop your spiritual life with meditation, tantra, reiki, biodanza and much more. The classes for kids and teenagers are simultaneous with the adult classes so you can enjoy a complete family experience. Here you will find the perfect group for every age, from newborn to seniors, so every member of the family can feel relaxed, happy and balanced.


7. Bikram Yoga Valencia

The Bikram style of yoga consists of the practice of 26 Hatha Yoga postures (yoga asanas) practiced in a special room set at 40° C with 40% humidity. These conditions help to warm up the muscles to prevent injuries and encourage a deeper physic training while releasing toxins from the body. Bikram offers innumerable benefits and helps you maintain a healthy body and a unique sense of well-being. Bikram Yoga Valencia provides classes for people of all ages, including a kids’ program every Saturday for those from 5 to 12 years. This studio aims to help people connect with their individual needs in an environment of respect with an emphasis on  body, mind and soul awareness.


8. EBC Danza

This popular dance center offers training programs in dancing and other dynamic activities including yoga for all people of all ages, even tots. The leader and founder, Eva Bertomeu, is a professional dancer and choreographer who has garnered many award and has performed around the world. She always wanted to establish a dynamic platform for dancing in Valencia that would offer options both for professional and amateurs of all ages. In her academy, you will find different dancing styles (contemporary, classical, jazz, flamenco, etc.) as well as yoga classes for kids and adults. You can choose one or various disciplines to motivate your kids and yourself to cultivate both body and soul while having fun.


9. Yoga Flow

This center strives to create a new concept of modern and dynamic yoga through which you can improve flexibility and develop your physic wellbeing week by week. They impart the latest yoga techniques (Hatha yoga, Acro yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Power yoga, Vinyasa yoga) to help you reach a deep understanding and achieve independent self-practice. For kids between 7 to 10 years, they have their “Yoga xa los Xiquets” program, especially designed to improve kids’ concentration at school and help them relax and sleep better. For older youth, they have the  “Yoga for the Young” program conceived to help students with the pressure of exams and homework to achieve better school results. At Yoga Flow you will find the perfect out-of-school activity program for kids of school age. Moreover, classes are conducted both in English and Spanish.


10. Yoga de la Paz

This center focuses on the different asanas (yoga postures) and techniques for breathing and relaxing to improve wellbeing from the inside. They offer different programs and schedules including a kids’ program aimed to develop young bodies at a physical, mental and spiritual level. This unique program helps children physically equilibrate the process of growing and the general functioning of the body; mentally, it helps calm down the mind, improves the ability to focus and concentrate, and encourages self-confidence, self-motivation, social and personal respect and patience and perseverance. Spiritually, it promotes self-consciousness and  inspires the child to move from the inside. If you want your kid to achieve a positive balance in life, this program will definitely help him/her through the process.


Hopefully our list of 10 Yoga Classes for Kids in Valencia will help you to find the perfect yoga class for your family.

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