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The playground near the Public Library in Valencia is a small and quiet playground near the old hospital building that now hosts a library. The public library has a section specifically for children books and even a section with English books for kids. A little cozy area invites kids to lay or sit down for reading…

If you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere in the nature, going on a little boat trip on the lake of the Cabecera Park is an excellent option. You can buy your tickets in the Deleita Café right next to the lake. Costs are 13€ per boat for 1/2 hour. You can then choose between…

Mi Primer Spa, located in the complex of the Hospital Vithas 9 d’Octubre, is a wellness temple for children and parents in Valencia. They offer hydrotherapy and massages for babies (0 – 12 months old). Furhtermore they promote the wellbeing of mothers (pre- and post-partum), organize family days, stimulation workshops (for 0 – 3 year…

8 Spectacular Summer Schools In Valencia Are you ready for the summer? In Spain children get almost twelve weeks of holidays! For those of you who have moved to Spain from other countries, that can come as bit of a shock. Three months! What are you going to do with the kids? Some parents may…

This museum offers workshops, EL MUSEU A LA BUTXACA and EL PAISATGE: UN GÈNERE DE LA MIRADA, where your child can research, discover, experiment, enjoy, learn, and have fun by getting into painting, creating their own museums, and telling stories. Prior reservations needed.

Here, you will find a playroom and cafeteria to celebrate parties and other events, and can also book to have lunch or dinner. The perfect place for children to have fun and enjoy watching their favourite characters.

The Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia of Valencia developed an educational program aimed to bring musical content closer to children, and bring the world of opera, symphonic and chamber repertoire, as well as scenic and audio-visual arts, to as many students, of all ages, as possible.

In this park you will find various intriguing areas, such as the Medieval Castle, the Indigenous Orchard, the Pirate Lagoon, the Indian Village, and Vaquero y las Setas del Bosque Encantado. Soon, this place will become a benchmark in the support of educational work through summer schools and camps.

The Parque Del Oeste offers 43,750 square meters of fun and relaxation. Children can enjoy their time on two spacious playgrounds while parents relax and/or have a picnic in the grass or on one of the many benches in the park. You will also find a suitable area for scating, scootering, biking or rollerblading. The park…

Any infant over 5 months can enjoy the benefits of water and swimming, stimulating their circulatory system, their cardiorespiratory endurance, independence, and self-confidence, in the best, heated pool installations. Children older are also offered courses.

The remains of an old gasometer, belonging to the Gas Lebon factory, was turned into a garden-park, where an outdoor playground and the opportunity to rest and relax during the warm day can be found.

Inside this park, the noise of the busy world is barely noticeable; even the trees form a green canopy that screens the view of adjacent buildings. Here, parents and children belong to a community that can have a break from everyday activities.

These large facilities offer a great variety of games that will enhance fun for your children, and is also where you will find 1000 square meters of playground, full of games. Babies can enjoy a special area, close to parents in the Baby Park, while they enjoy quiet in the restaurant.

Vialdea is a model village for children, located only 25 minutes from the capital. Kids enjoy activities, specifically designed for ages 2 to 7; learning civic and road education with cars, motorbikes, bikes, the Vialdea train, and the new bus line, as well as values of civility, courtesy, kindness, and road safety regulations.

Here, you can have leisure time without losing sight of your children, who will be enjoying games, sports, and other fun opportunities.

A place for leisure and celebrations of all kinds; with an area of 350 square meters, they offer modern facilities, which include an American labyrinth of 2 floors, a large ball-pool, trampolines, a football field, a basketball court, an exclusive are for infants, and more. Everything is designed for children to have fun, while also…

The opportunity for educational activity, where children can get in touch with technology in a fun and innovative way using tools like LEGO WeDo, LEGO Mindstorm kits, and Minecraft programming. An exciting extracurricular activity!

A magical world, tailored to all Princesses. Celebrate parties, or spend a mother-daughter day together, relaxing with spa treatments.

This playground offers a place for party celebrations, dinners, communions, and baptisms. You will also find numerous activities for children and the best outdoor facilities. Any occasion is a good one to come and enjoy this fabulous place.

Enjoy a coffee while your children play, learn, interact, and have fun in the indoor playground with the opportunity to celebrate events.

Specifically designed for children’s recreation; it has a program of spontaneous and entertaining activities, where the focal point is to amuse and stimulate kids. Also offering restaurants and event services.

A children’s playroom to celebrate every kind of event, where the main goal is to offer both kids and adults enjoyment in different outdoor play areas, while also containing a cafeteria service, for parents to relax.

A place for every occasion, which provides both children and parents all the facilities to have the most fun; trampolines, a soccer field, and a ball-pool.

This garden, located in the square Legión Española of the city of Valencia, offers a neoclassical style conceived in the nineteenth century, including many marble statues, ponds, architectural features, and resting areas.

Karaoke, balloon animals, and the most fun for your children’s birthday or holiday. Celebrate any kind of event, or simply come for dinner and rest.

In this playroom you can have birthday parties and any kind of celebration, while your child experiences different fun areas where they will always be the special guest.

A bilingual academy, offering diverse areas to encourage development in language, artistic, meditative, scientific, and culinary skills. There’s also opportunities to celebrate birthday parties and visit the café.

A bilingual nautical camp, designed for kids starting at 10 years old. You will find a combination of athletic, natural, and environmental activities, including different workshops, beach games, and sports.

International House offers courses, specifically designed for children to develop and optimize the ability to communicate in the English language. Kids are able to learn in a fun way by using games and multimedia resources, while also completing homework and doing recreational activities.

A unique cafeteria space to enjoy with family or friends, while your children safely use the playground or baby area, with the opportunity to celebrate events of any kind.

An exciting place for children, where they can drive go-karts and participate in driving championships, or simply have a karting themed party.

Children can learn, create, have fun, and grow in this playgroup, while parents can deal with work and family life at the same time. They offer great workshops, language courses, parties, and animations.

This playroom is a leisure center, designed for children to have fun in a place where they are cared for by a group of specialists in education and animation.

Swimming instructors, psychologists, and educational practitioners joined to launch a project that brings the benefits of these three disciplines together. They offer a trip of learning, games, swimming, and smiles, complemented with colored lights and underwater music.

This restaurant offers menus for both adults and children at great prices. In addition, a children’s ball-pool is present, where your child can enjoy fun while you have a nice meal. Great for communions, baptisms, and any other kind of event.

This playground can host birthday parties, themed parties, animations, workshops, and much more. They offer different activities for your child according to the theme of the week, which varies frequently.

Club Delfín is a swimming club for children from as young as 1 year and adults. It offers different water activities including swimming classes, matroswimming, aqua gym, swim training, and ante and post natal classes.

A cafeteria and restaurant with a huge ball-pool; an ideal place to celebrate your children’s parties, and for them to have the time of their lives.

The Ludoteca Chupymon in Valencia is a great place to celebrate birthday parties, halloween parties or any other kids’ party you can think of. It offers a ball pool, diverse games, a cafeteria and much more!

With this school, you can celebrate your children’s birthdays or leave them to their own imaginations. A magic place that delivers the best facilities, activities, and workshops to ensure that your child has an incredible experience. Two further locations can be found in the community of Valencia.

With this school, you can celebrate your children’s birthdays or leave them to their own imaginations. A magic place that delivers the best facilities, activities, and workshops to ensure that your child has an incredible experience. Two further locations can be found in the community of Valencia.

These boat trips will allow you to enjoy the coast, the views, and the peace of the sea in a very pleasant environment. The whole family will be able to relax, while in a different mode of transportation.

One of the most refreshing options for leisure time during the summer. You will find wave pools, a great variety of water slides, and different thematic areas for children.

The ideal place to have birthday parties and share wonderful moments with friends and family. You’ll find a cafeteria, more than 20 professional bowling lanes, and different play areas with billiard, darts, and many others games.

Diverbol has a playground where children can enjoy entertainers and fun activities; a place of fantasy and magic, specifically designed for them. You will also find a restaurant area, where you can celebrate any type of event: communions, baptisms, meetings, and much more.

A school for infants with facilities for birthday parties and events, while additionally also offering an educational program for children under 3 years of age, which includes English classes.

A summer camp, created to offer the opportunity of learning new languages while having unique experiences with nature, such as interacting with farm animals, planting in the garden, and living many fun adventures.

Here, your children will be able to learn English and other languages in a playful way. This institute offers spontaneous opportunities to practice languages not only for kids, but also for infants and the rest of the family.

In this school you can celebrate your children’s birthday or you can simply leave them on days off from school. This magic place delivers the best facilities, activities and workshops to ensure that your kid has the most incredible experience. You can find two more locations of this franchise in the community of Valencia.

The perfect option for your kids to have fun and enjoy, where you will find diverse play opportunities and soft areas for babies. The enjoyment of your children’s event is guaranteed.

Here, you will find amazing playgrounds, puppets, costumes, balls, bouncy castles, trampolines, and many other fun things that will make your children’s party stand out.

This free club is located in El Saler Shopping Center and entertains children with its many recreational and instructive activities. By becoming a member, you and your children will be able to enjoy the many exciting benefits in this popular place.

A bilingual-multitasking camp, which includes all activities within the same complex to ensure the safety that all parents look for. Your child will be guided in every moment by a professional and well prepared team.

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