7 Things To Do With Kids In Valencia In September 2018

Summertime is almost over, but there is no reason not to continue having fun if you are in Valencia. With so many local festivals, beautiful scenarios, a diverse cultural heritage and incredible places to visit, there will always be something wonderful to share with family, friends and, of course, your children. To make it easier for you, we have selected 7 activities to attend with your kids in September 2018:


1. Patronal Feasts of Segorbe

The location of Segorbe will be celebrating its patronal feasts during the last week of August, and the celebration will extend until September 9th. On these days, you will be able to enjoy several cultural, artistic and ludic activities and shows where fun is guaranteed. On the agenda are concerts, fireworks, exhibitions, pilgrimages, children’s activities, and other events addressed to all members of the family at which everybody experience an important part of the Spanish culture. The festivities have been declared of National Tourist Interest since 1985 and a Festival of International Tourist Interest since 2005. There is no reason not to take a little trip (less than an hour) from Valencia city to experience an important cultural festivity that all members of the family can enjoy.


2. Knights and Princess in “El Puig”

Calderona Viva offers an activity especially created for kids and the family. It consists of a dramatized route designed to disseminate the historic heritage of “El Puig”. On this route, your kids will discover the stories and legends of Jaume I in this town. They will learn history while having the most fun with the wonderful representations. In fact, children will be the main characters of the story, so kids can go dressed like princesses and knights. You can join this family adventure that lasts almost two hours on September 15th and 29th. Don’t forget to book your place!


3. Camping in the museum

If your kid ever wants to know what happens when a museum closes its doors, now it is possible. Children will be able to experience the adventure of spending a night in a museum, and lots of fun will definitely take place after the doors are closed. There are different municipal museums in which your children can camp and they will be able to spend a night in the Palace Cervelló. How did people live in the XIX century? What were the palaces like at that time? Your kids will learn these and other interesting facts about palaces in a fun and recreational way in this adventure called, “A ghost in the palace”. The exciting night will take place on September 14th at 20:30 until the next day at 08:30. This activity is aimed for kids from 8 to 14 years old; they should take their pajamas, a sleeping bag, clothing for next day, and a lantern, blanket and pillow. If you have younger kids, don’t worry; you can make it a family night and camp with them. This will surely be an experience your family will never forget!


4. “Nanobucles” The yoga tribe

The Centre del Carme offers a great variety of educational and artistic activities and workshops to allow people of all ages to get closer to various cultural expressions. As an opportunity, on September 15th and 16th, they will offer a family yoga workshop to join both parents and kids in this ancestral exercise. The workshop has been designed to enhance body and mind meditation. The participants as the main characters of the story are developed through their own corporal expressions. Kids and parents will share songs, dances, different yoga postures and thoughts from a unique perspective. You can go with your children from 3 to 12 years old, no matter whether or not you have ever practiced yoga.


5. Basketry workshops in the Museum of Ethnology

The Museum of Ethnology of Valencia organises different free family workshops for adults and children older than 4 years old. In September, they will host a basketry workshop, one of the most entertaining handicrafts you can make. In this workshop, kids and parents will learn how to make all kind of objects from vegetable fibers and use different techniques to transform them into interesting pieces. If you feel like doing handicrafts with your children and spending a nice, different, and relaxing time, do not hesitate to attend this workshop on September 9th, 16th, and 23rd.


6. #FestoMagic Patronal feasts of Puçol 2018

Summer may be ending, but for people from Puçol, the party is just starting. A few days before the routine returns, the community celebrates the feast of Mare de Déu al Peu de la Creu. The festivity starts the last Sunday of August and continues until September 9th. Among a great variety of family activities, you and your family will enjoy music, culture, fireworks, sports, and gastronomy. The little ones will have their own special day on September 3rd, at which time there will be a kids’ party, a children’s festival, games, playgrounds, contests, a kids’ matinée, and more. If you are looking to spend cultural days with your family in a different place, this is a great choice.


7. “Diversábados” in Factory Bonaire
This shopping center offers an excellent way to spend the Saturday afternoons of September. Children will have the most fun with all the themed recreational activities prepared, while parents will enjoy the best discounts in the stores. All Saturdays of the month from 18:00 to 20:30, Factory Bonaire will turn its central patio into a play zone full of children’s activities including face-painting, storytelling, dancing, magic shows, themed parties, workshops, gifts, and more free events. Some of the activities are the “Pirate Party”, the “Opera Theatre”, traditional games, the “Peace Workshop”, and the “Superheroes Party”. There is no excuse not to have a fun Saturday.


Hopefully, some of these activities will help make your September in Valencia an unforgettable time for you and your family.

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