Baby Rooms and Places with Activities for Babies (0-3 years old) in Valencia

Valencia offers an extensive program of children’s activities, workshops and places for both leisure and learning. If you have kids of any age, surely it’s not a problem to find a plan for some extracurricular activity for your beloved child. However, many of the activities are aimed at school-aged children, reducing the options for the youngest members of the family – the babies. If you have a newborn or a little one under the age of four, you should definitely take a look at our list of the 10 places where you will find areas and activities specially designed for a baby from 0 to 3 years old.

1. Smileland Family Club

Smileland Family Club is a space intended to create family memories. This is a magical playroom designed according to the slow family philosophy to make the whole family feel at home. Its classrooms are perfect settings for games, birthdays, workshops and bilingual activities based on respectful parenting methodologies. In the mornings, Smileland is crowded with moms, dads, grandparents, and other family members who together create a quiet environment for play and nurturing in which everyone can interact with other babies. Families can work or have a coffee while their children enjoy a healthy environment. In the evenings, they offer extracurricular activities for older kids where creative and sensory bilingual experiences combine to stimulate the imagination and knowledge through play, art, nature, music, magic, cooking, dancing, storytelling, theater and more. During the weekends, they have plans for all ages, including adults family members. This ludo-café is the perfect place for parents to relax with a varied menu of drinks and desserts while their children have fun.

2. IZUMI baby

IZUMI presents a new concept in the health care and integral development of babies from the first weeks of life. This is the first early stimulation center in Spain that integrates hydrotherapy, infant massage, psychomotricity and sensory stimulation. It is motivated by a passion for babies with a mission to contribute to their wellbeing by developing their capacities while supporting and guiding parents during the process. The center offers two different areas: a baby spa with hydro-massage bathtubs, in which aquatic babies receive stimulation and therapeutic massages, and a baby gym in which early stimulation is applied in multisensory spaces and through psychomotor activities. Here, the professionals work on gross psychomotor control through guided play, using unique activities and tools to develop babies’ strength and coordination in a natural manner, adapting the program to their ages and innate abilities.
For infants younger than 6 months, the focus is on visual, auditory, and spatial exploration, by introducing music and movement in fun ways with exercises, songs, swings, and other forms of sensory stimulation. For kisa over 6 months to 3 years old, they introduce new balance activities, crawling stimulation, climbing, dancing and games. The entire center is designed to be a relaxed and welcoming environment, with maximum hygiene and safety, and the staff are all qualified in physiotherapy with a specialization in pediatrics, so that your baby is always in the best hands.

3. Que viene el lobo!

Que viene el lobo! is more than a ludoteca. From Tuesday to Sunday, this café-workshop offers artistic activities, dynamic and creative games for children and adults, a space for gymkhanas, free library, Wi-Fi area, cafeteria and restaurant. The team at Que viene el lobo! is highly qualified, continuously trained and passionate about its work. They give daily artistic and playful workshops, of short duration and without a fixed schedule, to facilitate the incorporation of children of different ages at any time into the sessions. The activities include collage, a vegetable garden, becoming a mini-chef, and much more. In addition to its own staff, they also hire professionals from various disciplines like architecture, robotics, music, and yoga to run workshops and specific, periodic activities for children from baby age to a maximum of 12 years old. They also collaborate with educational centers, foundations, associations, non-profit organizations, reception and occupational centers and special education classrooms. For little children, they feature the “Mundo Submarino” (Underwater World) space, a new corner for parents and babies from 1 to 3 years. It has two spaces: one in which children can learn by playing in an adapted environment and the other next door, where mothers and fathers enjoy the same comforts as the rest of the restaurant (sofa, bedside tables, Wi-Fi, etc.) while their babies enjoy the safe environment.

4. Mi Primer Spa

After almost half a year in Valencia, more than 200 families already have placed their trust in Mi Primer Spa. This pioneering center encourages early stimulation and family learning through various services, among which the Spa for Babies from 0 to 12 months stands out. They devote themselves to working on such important aspects as psychomotricity, spatial perception and infant massage. It is a cozy, warm and quiet space in which families can relax while they learn and encourage the development of the littlest ones. They also have pre/postpartum activities, courses and workshops for the whole family. One of the main objectives of Mi Primer Spa is to promote sports from birth. The center stimulates physical activity during the Baby Spa sessions and through sports activities for mothers and babies. This helps promote a healthy lifestyle and habits to reduce physical inactivity common to the first stage of life. If you are looking for the best gift for the future of new families, Mi Primer Spa offers gift cards and vouchers to give away. Without a doubt, this is a wonderful place that all new parents should visit with their babies.

5. CEI Valencia

The CEI Valencia is a reference center in the field of early stimulation, psychology and special therapies. Its services include sensory integration programs, neuropsychology, psychology, speech therapy, psychomotor skills, early stimulation and much more. Although this center offers diagnosis and therapies for different disorders or any delayed development of young children, it also has activities and services for babies and children from 0 to 4 years of age at any level of development, even if they do not present any particular difficulty. The early stimulation program is an activity during which parents are informed of the child’s evolution with respect to his or her chronological age while they learn carry out prescribed stimulation activities both in the center and at home. There are options to go monthly or bimonthly on a regular basis to monitor the normal development of one’s baby. The programs are always based on games and activities of daily life. This is the ideal place to evaluate and stimulate the psycho-motor and neuro-lingual development of your baby, especially if you feel that something is not going according to expectations.

6. Musicorum

Musicorum is a music school that offers programs for children of all ages, including a baby. The objective of early stimulation is to take advantage of the ability of the brain to learn and adapt to benefit the development of a baby’s potentialities. The intention of the center is to provide a series of repetitive stimuli through music as a tool as well as different exercises and musical games in order to strengthen those brain functions of greatest interest. It is not only a matter of reinforcing intellectual abilities, such as the capacity for reading or mathematical calculation, but also addresses the physical, emotional, sensory and social aspects of a child’s development. Children are always accompanied by one parent or both parents, a grandparent or caregiver to provide emotional security in this new environment.
For babies, they offer a program of music classes and early postnatal musical stimulation divided into levels: level 1 aimed at babies from 0 to 12 months, level 2 for children between 12 and 24 months, and level 3 for those aged over 2 years. They sing songs, play small percussion instruments, make rhythmic recitations, listen to different styles of music, and dance short choreographies, during which everyone relaxes. The class runs 30 minutes since, because according to their experience, this is the optimal attention span for children at this age. They have two venues, one in La Eliana and another in Valencia.

7. Espai de Telles in Centre del Carme

Centre del Carmen is one of the most beautiful historic buildings in Valencia. The architectural complex has been preserved in all its splendor for centuries. Espai de Telles is a special space located in this old convent, reserved for children from 0 to 3 years old, inviting them to participate, feel, observe, investigate, discover, intervene and travel. Espai de Telles is an evolving space with manipulative elements that change during the year, but always start with a world of sensory experimentation. In one of the corners there are two mirrors for material exploration, discovery and recognition. Furthermore, in this space, light, as the source of life, energy and the emotions, plays a fundamental role. There are also cardboard boxes which offer infinite possibilities for children to play and interact. In the Espai de Telles there are no instructions since children with their innate curiosity will know how to construct, observe, crawl, touch, smell, compose and decompose, and find stimuli in each corner individually or collectively.

8. Wau Park

Wau Park children’s leisure and entertainment center is unlike any other ball park in Valencia. It has a large surface area of 1000 m2, and the height of the park allows children to have larger game facilities to enhance the fun. Wau Park is a great stage where children of all ages are able to unleash their imaginations and creativity. Mothers and fathers will enjoy themselves quietly in the cafeteria-restaurant in a pleasant atmosphere with a wide variety of products. This park features a Baby Park for small crawlers where babies can enjoy an area full of colored balls and interactive elements especially designed to be close to their parents in a safe environment. Whether you’re celebrating or coming on your own to have some fun, at Wau Park Ball Park your young and older children will have the best time.

9. AquBaby

AquBaby Children’s Education Center represents the children’s school of the future, with a firm commitment to education and early stimulation. The AquBaby Children’s Pool the aquatic classroom of the school and the purpose of offering educational swimming and early stimulation. AquBaby is the first nursery school in the Valencian community directed by a fabulous, nurturing team of professionals with an integrated water classroom for children from 0 to 3 years. They offer psychomotor sessions during the week that are vital to children’s physical development, especially when learning to control their bodies and the space around them. The facilities consist of a heated swimming pool 19×8 m. by1.25 m. deep, changing rooms for babies and mothers, or babies and fathers, with showers, changing tables and chairs to facilitate changing of clothes. They also have a children’s wardrobe for those over 3 years and classroom workshops for other activities. At Aqubaby you can find a unique program of activities that will help improve your child’s physical condition for a better quality of life.

10. Nuno Nono Fit

Nuno Nono Fit has been developed by Nuno Nono Infant School. The center seeks to motive children’s interest in sports to fight childhood obesity through diverse modalities of training directed at children from 3 months up to 10 years. Nuno Nono Fit has its own method of early stimulation to create healthy lifestyle habits using the practice of sports with the aim of acquiring skills, attitudes and values. The activities are programmed by age group and focus on the relevant physical, cognitive and emotional development of the child. Here, your baby will practice yoga and sports and enjoy recreational activities from an early age. Of note is the Nuno yoga program for mothers and babies. The program is divided into three groups: Nuno Baby for babies from 6 weeks to 6 months (where they begin their first visual, auditory and dimensional exploration); Nuno Gateos (Crawls) for babies from 7 to 13 months where they acquire more control in their hands, arms and trunk, becoming more agile babies; and Nuno Agile for babies from 14 to 24 months where they are introduced to exercises to help control their bodies and balance. Nuno Nono does not seek to create champions, but are, rather, more concerned with educating children with healthy sports activities that do not cause any alteration in their normal development.

Hopefully, this list of baby rooms in Valencia will help you find the perfect activities for your little one.

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