Cooking Classes for Kids in Valencia

Engaging children in kitchen activities allows them to feel useful and important and can help increase self-esteem. In addition, the kitchen stimulates their creativity and represents a moment of union and sharing with parents.

Through cooking classes, children are able to enjoy an interesting hobby, while indirectly receiving a playful and positive message about a healthy diet with homemade food preparation and a wide variety of culinary options both Mediterranean and international. Throughout Valencia, there are lots of schools that offer workshops and cooking courses for amateurs and professionals alike. On the following list you will find the most important with alternatives specially designed for children.

1.   Valencia Club Cocina

The aim of VCC is to establish a cooking workshop that introduces new eating habits, reduces preparation time and simplifies traditional dishes. As a cooking school, its main goal is to improve kid’s health and facilitate the process of food preparation so that it is easy, enjoyable and pleasant to execute. In the children’s cooking classes, the kids will become authentic chefs. These courses are designed for children over 5 (accompanied) and 7 years old (unaccompanied). The menu of options is really complete and includes several categories such as basic sauces, pastries, rice dishes, pastas, Christmas cookies, desserts, and even sushi.

In addition, there are parent-child workshops where you can have fun with your family in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. You can celebrate your child’s birthday with a Cooking Party, where your kid and his or her friends will be able to cook and prepare their own menu, including a birthday cake. Afterward, they will enjoy the pleasant and comfortable facilities VCC has to offer to enjoy all the delicious preparations. At VCC, your child is the real protagonists!

2.   Food & Fun

Food & Fun is a creative cooking school located in Valencia that will introduce your child to the world of great chefs. In its cooking courses, they will discover new flavors and get fully immersed in the exciting adventure of cooking. This school was formed by a great community of kitchen lovers who agree that the gastronomy is an opportunity to experiment and let the creativity flow. They offer different courses and workshops designed for amateurs, singles, professionals and, of course, children. During the special activities, your child (from 7 years) will discover his or her inner chef, enhance his or her creativity and spend a great time learning simple recipes that can be practiced later at home. There are cooking classes and workshops available in other languages and they all enjoy the collaboration of chefs and professional who impart their skills in super modern facilities that will make your child feel like a real professional.

3.   Buenas Migas SER

Buenas Migas SER is an initiative developed by SER Radio Valencia that organizes Valencian cooking workshops for children and parents. These workshops provide an open space for reflection on Valencia’s gastronomy and its extensive culinary culture. The program, Buenas Migas, consists of cooking workshops usually held at Food & Fun facilities. Over three years, Buenas Migas has taught many children, parents, and grandparents the importance of a healthy diet, the value of seasonal products and a host of traditional Valencian recipes. Families have also learned to work as a team, develop their creativity and enjoy a well-prepared meal. Within this program, culinary training is completely free of charge. You only need to apply for a seat and you and your child will be able to live a unique culinary experience. To apply, send a 20-second horizontal video to, telling why you want to cook at Buenas Migas. They have had participants as young as 7 years old. The most original videos will be the winners. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to encourage culinary talent in your children! Learn more about Buenas Migas on the SER webpage.

Buenas Migas SER


4.   Meet and Eat

Meet & Eat is a unique space located in the center of Valencia in which you can enjoy all kinds of activities related to gastronomy. This place of gastronomic leisure and a cooking school offers different activities to enjoy degustations in their cafeteria, as well as lunches and dinners, wine tastings, the celebration of events, shows and spectacles, workshops and cooking classes, and more. They have prepared children’s courses in which kids from 7 years on will be able to open their minds to new flavors and foods, thus learning to eat a balanced and healthy diet while appreciating the benefits that each food brings to their diet and daily life. If you live in the city of Turia and want your children to engage in activities apart from the routine, the Meet & Eat cooking course is a great alternative for leisure and fun. Children will be able to prepare exquisite recipes and dishes adapted to their ages and interests and learn to eat better and prepare healthy and creative food. With one-on-one attention and active participation, your kid will learn a fun way to cook in a place where traditional foods become culinary masterpieces in taste, presentation, and originality.

5.   Moléculas Sabrosas

The City Of Arts And Sciences frequently offers the “Moléculas Sabrosas” (Tasty Molecules) workshop as part of its program for children, “La Ciencia a Escena” (Science on Stage). In this workshop, the young school-aged participants will learn some of the secrets of so-called “molecular cooking” that applies laboratory techniques to the stove. Your child will have the chance to experience new flavors and textures by preparing dishes such as gelatin spaghetti with banana or pineapple, yogurt balls, chocolate ice cream with nitrogen and even sculptures made of crystallized sugar. In this workshop, participants will explore the most innovative techniques of modern cuisine by applying the scientific method to cooking to understand the physical and chemical relationships that occur during food preparation processes. Find the schedule and upcoming dates for this workshop and let your little child enjoy a world of flavors and textures within a scientific and culinary environment!

6.   Centro Superior Hotelería Mediterráneo

The Centro Superior de Hostelería del Mediterráneo offers a new gastronomic concept and theoretical-practical program along with the best companies in the tourism and catering sector. In this center, both children and adults will learn from the best professionals in the kitchen during a completely personalized training program. All courses are given in small groups so that you can make the most of the classes. For children from 6 to 12 years old, they have prepared the program, Chef Kids, consisting of courses during which the little ones will learn to cook a lot of easy and delicious dishes while having fun. The courses of 2 hours per week take place on Fridays and Saturdays and can be either attended individually or in a group. You can check prices and availability on their website.

Valencia is a dynamic city that allows you to enjoy a rich gastronomy in all its forms and origins. You and your family don’t just have to resort to tasting the regional and international delicacies available in this city if you can learn how to prepare them. Find a cooking school or workshop you like and let your kid’s imagination and culinary creativity run wild.

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