Cycling routes in and around Valencia – safe for kids

Valencia and its surroundings are great for cycling with the whole family due to its extension, flat terrain and cycling routes away from motor vehicles. The city belongs to the “Red de Ciudades por La Bicicleta” (Network of Cities for Bikes) and has more than 120 kilometers of cycle lanes and multiple routes perfect for cyclists of all levels and ages. If this weren’t enough, you will find more than one route to pedal in family not only within the city of Valencia but also in the surroundings of the province. If you are looking to enjoy a day in the company of your children and your wheels in a different natural and cultural environment, you can choose from multiple options throughout the community. On the following list you will find the main cycling routes that are totally suitable and safe (vehicle free) for children and families.


1. Bicycle Route in the Turia River Park

Probably no Valencian cyclist has not cycled the route of the Turia Park that follows the last 27 km of the course of the most emblematic river in the city. This route is undoubtedly ideal for children and families, as it is in great condition and does not present any major difficulties. It starts in the Parque de Cabecera and can be reached by car or through the network of bicycle lanes of Valencia. The route goes as far as Villamarchante, and you can even pedal up to Lliria. This flat and easy route is properly signposted and conditioned. You will find soft stretches and pass several times over the Turia River. During the route, you and your family will enjoy several resting areas with swings, benches, tables and fresh shades. You will also discover important elements of the area’s historical and geological heritage. If you are a nature lover but don’t want to take your children too far from the city, this route is for you.


2. Route Teruel-Valencia: the longest Greenway in Spain

A new railway line was inaugurated 110 years ago to exploit an iron deposit located in the municipality of Ojos Negros, on the border between Teruel and Guadalajara. Today, what could be another remnant of industrialization is now the paradise of the cyclist. The route begins in Santa Eulalia del Campo and ends in Valencia, with a total of 159.7 kilometers of travel, making it the longest in Spain and undoubtedly one of the most popular. If done from the interior towards the coast, the route is almost all downhill, so it has no great difficulty and is suitable for bike lovers of all levels. Along this long route, you can appreciate the current train tracks and old mining train stations converted into leisure areas and fields of cultivation. You will see bridges and tunnels of the old layout and vestiges of the Civil War (trenches, bunkers and shelters) as you pedal. The route of the Ojos Negros greenway is almost in parallel to the current Renfe connection between Teruel and València. This facilitates choosing where to start and finish and the kilometers you will cover (Santa Eulalia – Teruel: 37 km; Teruel – Barracas: 55km; Barracas – Algimia de Alfara: 67,7km; Algimia de Alfara – Sagunto: 19km; Sagunto – Valencia: 29km). On this route, your family will enjoy very diverse landscapes that include mountains, woods, dry fields, kermes oaks of truffles, oranges and more.


3. La Albufera

This route links Valencia with La Albufera through rice fields and beaches. To get to La Albufera by bicycle, it is necessary to leave Valencia in the direction of the El Saler highway by means of the bicycle lane. The road is asphalt in some areas, but in the beach sections, you will usually encounter dirt roads. When you reach the village of El Saler, your kids will have the option of viewing the sea, taking a dip in the water or short walk on the beach. Then, the route continues for a safe and more suitable path for bicycles by which you will finally arrive at La Albufera. Here you can take a break and even end your journey with a boat ride. This route can also be accompanied by a guide who will explain relevant facts, history and various curiosities of the place.


4. Cofrentes Routes

The Cofrentes routes allow cyclists to enjoy both a natural environment and a fun sporting activity. The route paths vary in length and difficulty, allowing families with small children as well as more experienced sportsmen to do their tours. The routes circulate in Cofrentes and its surroundings are conditioned and signposted so that cyclists do not get lost. You can choose between three options: Aldeas de Basta y Alcance, 26 km, suitable for all types of cyclists including children, by which you will reach the beautiful village of Casas del Río in the lands of Requena; Camino del Balneario, a road that leads to the Balneario de Hervideros (aka Balneario de Cofrentes), one of the major tourist and residential attractions of the area; and the River Route through the Júcar Canyons, a small river route in Júcar where children will see royal eagles, grey herons and mountain goats, among other animals. If you are a lover of cycling and nature, do not miss the landscapes Cofrentes.


5. Partida de los Desamparados in Alboraya

La Partida de los Desamparados is a beautiful cycling and hiking route that enables the traveler to get to know part of the Barranco del Carraixet, its town and the Alboraya orchard. This is the perfect plan for a family ride in the open air by bicycle. Your family will have the opportunity to enjoy a landscape far from the urban hub and the typical Valencian beaches. In addition, the Valencian town of Alboraya is only a few kilometers from the city center, so it is easy and fast to get there. This is a 2 km-long circular route that starts and ends at Casa de la Cultura. This trail is perfect for families with small children who have recently learned to ride a bicycle because the trail, provided with tourist information and signs, is quite easy to navigate. The one-hour ride is undoubtedly the perfect plan for little beginners.


6. Cycle Tourism in the Xurra Greenway

The Greenway of Xurra is the perfect route for hiking or cycling. It allows the traveler to get to visit an old railway line that used to cross the region but no longer exists. This path, barely 15 km long, runs from Valencia to the town of Puçol. The route can be done completely or, if you prefer, partially, depending on the age of your children and their energy level. The starting point is in the Plaza de Zaragoza in Valencia, next to the old Central Railway Station of Aragon. The 0 km starts right at the entrance of Polytechnic University and the tram stop, and from there you take the asphalted track (painted red) to get completely away from traffic and noise.


7. Camino de Las Palmeras in Alboraya

The Camino de Las Palmeras is one of the unique hiking and cycling routes located in the orchard of Alboraya, a fertile land full of color. This almost circular route runs through an atypical landscape that will give you the coveted calm and tranquility of the orchard. This path has a length of 2 km, making it a perfect route for families or children who have just learned to ride a bike. It can be done easily in less than an hour, but everything depends on your pace and the stops made.


8. Camino del Gaiato in Alboraya

This is another among the varied routes in the orchard of Alboraya. It lasts approximately one and a half hours, so it is ideal for small children as they will not get too tired. The path is only 1.8 km long and can be done on foot, by bicycle or even on horseback. Since it is such a small course and the road is in good conditions, it is the ideal route for all the members of the family. In the first part you will be able to contemplate the typical buildings of the area, such as the old Barraca de Rata. A little further on, the landscape changes and you will see immense greenhouses where ornamental plants are cultivated. During the final stretch, you will want to take a look at the horizon at the colorful urbanization of Port Saplaya, famous for the distinguished urban decoration that makes it the little Valencian Venice. This picturesque route is definitely the perfect choice for a cultural walk.


9. Safor Greenway in Gandía

The Greenway of Safor allows you to enjoy a fantastic route by bicycle through the orchard of the South of Valencia. The departure is in Gandía and the route reaches the neighboring town of Oliva. It is perfect for all members of the family as it only takes 7 km to go and another 7 km to come back; and the road is very well conditioned. It is common to come across other cyclists doing this famous route but hikers on foot. Your arrival in Oliva is the final point of the route, although it is possible to continue a little further along the cycle path to the beach of Oliva to enjoy a well-deserved dip in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. If you are looking to pedal and enjoy the beach, this route is an excellent option.


10. Orchard Route in Alboraya

One of the tourist routes proposed by the Alboraya Town Hall passes through the town centre and ends in the orchard. Cycling along this route is a great opportunity to get to know both the most emblematic architecture of the town and aspects of the natural environment. The route of only 4 km is perfect for children and the rest of the family. It begins in the barraca of the Paseo de Aragón, going through an area in the center of the municipality and ending in the orchards on the outskirts and in the hermitage of San Cristobal. The route can be done on foot or by bicycle.


11. Barranco del Carraixet Route

This route can be done on foot, by bicycle or even on horseback. It is only 2 km long and thus a great option for families with small children. The route is provided with signs that offer information on the most significant elements of the path, where you can stop and complement your visit with interesting facts on the flora and fauna of the locale and learn some curiosities about the buildings. This route is of low difficulty and lasts approximately one hour. The journey ends at the mouth of the ravine that divides the Alboraya beaches between Port Saplaya and La Patacona. Here, you can find one of the most important constructions of the Alboraya, the Ermita dels Peixets.


Regardless of whether the route is short or long, if you go with small children who are not accustomed to cycling routes, it is advisable to rest and make stops whenever they need. Also, always remember to bring sunscreen and enough hydration and snacks in case the route does not have available services.

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