Dancing Classes For Kids In Valencia (incl. map)

Valencia is a very rich citiy when it comes to cultural assets. All kinds of art expressions are celebrated in different places and ways, and dancing is undoubtedly one of the most common, popular not only for having fun and interacting, but also for exercise. Dancing helps tone the body and strengthens motor skills, the circulatory and respiratory systems and promises an amazing physical activity. Furthermore, it contributes to developing creativity, spontaneity, and social skills. If your kid likes moving and you have considered taking this penchant to the next level, going to a dance workshop or class can be a great choice to enhance his/her talent and help build discipline and persistence. This time, we have prepared a list of the 12 dance schools and workshops in Valencia with special classes for kids:

1. Raquel Gomez Dance Studio

Ruzafa has its own dance studio provided with a 50m2 dance hall that includes a platform. Both kids and adults can choose from ballet, flamenco, sevillanas, and Spanish and modern dance. Children are welcomed from 2 years old and up, and there is also a family class for parents and kids over 5. They have special promotions (such as free registration if you choose two disciplines) and many other attractive packages. Also, they offer Pilates classes for adults that you can attend while your kids are dancing.

2. Fun & Dance

In this place, you and your children will learn different street styles with the best professional dancers in Valencia. The options include urban dance, zumba kids, hip hop, funk, k-pop, reggaeton, modern jazz, and contemporary dance. The instructors are certified and have wide experience in all styles, ensuring that your kid makes the most of the experience. Furthermore, to complement the artistic training, they also offer drama lessons. They have baby groups (3-6 years old), kids groups (6-12 years old) and junior groups (13-17). In these classes, your offspring will be able to meet many new friends and definitely have the most fun ever while moving.

3. EBC Danza

EBCD-EVA BERTOMEU CÍA. & DANCE CENTER offers different training programs for professional dancers and amateurs. They also promote workshops, family dance events, and choreography and collaborate with various festivals and cultural associations in Valencia. The company is led by Eva Bertomeu, a professional dancer and repeatedly awarded choreographer who and has had performances in France, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, England, the United States, Argentina, Peru, and many other countries. Her aim is to establish a dance and choreography platform for contemporary dance in this city. Kids and adults can choose introductory classes of contemporary dance, classical dance, contemporary jazz, flamenco, creative dance, and even theatre and yoga. If you want your kid to learn discipline and motivation with a fun activity, this is a great environment in which to do it.

4. A contar mentiras

“A contar mentiras” has been the space for dance and movement in Benimaclet since 2003. They offer different activities and classes for adults and children. Among the options, you will find contemporary dance, classical dance, kids dance, and Oriental dance. No matter if you are a pro or an amateur, they have introductory, intermediate and professional levels for all ages. If your kid is just a baby and you think he/she is too small to dance, you can register for a baby-and-mom class of Pilates (even if your baby is still in the belly). This is a great choice to start dancing with the family.

5. Eledance

This Valencian academy  has experienced instructors who will guarantee quality training in the discipline you choose for your child or yourself. They have different schedules in salsa, ballet, Latin dance, funk, mzouk, bachata, and other styles. If you want to boost the learning process or speed up and improve the first steps of your kid, you can also book private lessons with any of the instructors. They will focus on the pupil´s needs and even help him/her prepare their first piece of choreography for any special event or presentation. In group class or just solo, at Eledance kids and adults are able to perfect any dance style.

6. Pas a Pas

This academy offers the perfect environment to enjoy the art of dancing while learning the most emblematic styles. They have classes for all ages in the disciplines of salsa, funk, street jazz, sevillanas, flamenco, ballroom dance, and more. Pas a Pas’ 800m2 facilities are provided with 4 different halls in which more than 400 pupils train with the best professionals in the most cozy and family-friendly climate. Your kid will learn and make friends, and even have opportunity to start a career while participating in local, national and international competitions.

7. Dance Center

This center is exclusively dedicated to the art of street dancing. Its director, choreographer Veronica Mejía Milla, has been teaching urban dancing for more than 15 years. She opened this center in 2010 with the intention that pupils not only learn the latest trends in street dance but also have the most fun and motivation during the process. Dance Center is a great option for your kid to start learning dancing and maybe become a professional dancer due to the numerous events, festival, and competitions it organizes. They have the best instructors of funk, hip hop and flamenco. In this place, your child will be able to grow not only as a professional on the dance floor but also as a motivated and hardworking person. Fun and dance are guaranteed.

8. Rocío Giner Arts and Dancing Center

The center Rocío Giner offers top-quality training in artistic expression. Its main educational focus is flamenco, but they also teach other physical and mental disciplines such as classical dance, funky jazz, street dance, Pilates, and yoga. They have affordable packages, spacious rooms and great teachers and instructors that guarantee an excellent experience when it comes to learning to dance. Also, to complement the flamenco experience, your kid learn how to play the guitar. If flamenco is your final choice, this is definitely the place to be.

9. Esther Mortes – Dancing School

This dancing school has been training amateurs and professional dancers since 1985. No matter your age, experience, availability or even condition, they have several choices to ensure that you find the perfect class. If your child likes dancing, he/she will be able to prepare a career because once they finish all levels, they receive certification by the Royal Academy of Dance of London and are able to teach. In their program, you will find classical dance, modern dance, flamenco, sevillanas, contemporary dance, and also Pilates and yoga. In addition, this center has developed the Balletvale+ project, an initiative aimed to encourage children with functional diversity to practice ballet to improve their condition (with proven results) and incorporate this beautiful art in their lives. If you feel attracted to classical dancing or if you have a child with a different ability, Esther Mortes School is the best choice.

10. “Ritmos” Dancing School

This school offers great facilities and diverse options of dancing styles for people of all ages. If your little one (older than 2 years) likes dancing, or if you also want to start moving, here you will easily find a class adapted to your family’s needs. You just need to select a style and start dancing. The options are ballroom dance, ballet, funkids, flamenco, street dance, Caribbean dancing and more. “Ritmos” provides a great opportunity for children to learn, exercise and have fun with top professional dancers in a welcoming environment.

11. Show Dance Studio

This academy, led by the Italian choreographer, Alex Sieff, offers amazing 1000m2 facilities, 4 spacious rooms, multidisciplinary areas, dressing rooms, and rest areas that represent the best professional environment for a dancer-to-be. The programs are especially designed to introduce adults and kids to the world of dancing and perfect technique in case your child (or you) already dances. You will find all kinds of dancing classes for everybody and even professional training after which anyone can start a career. Regular classes take place from September to July, but you can also choose intensive courses, season camps (for kids from 8 to 15 years) special workshops and many other activities such as festivals, competitions, and shows.

12. “Linea de Baile”

This dancing school offers different activities especially designed for kids to enjoy. All children will be able to learn diverse dancing styles according to their needs and ages. They offer a kid’s dancing class, an introductory course with ludic methods that teaches the basics of the dance floor: positions, coordination, jumps, and balance. Also, once the basics are mastered, they can choose their favorite rhythm among street dance, rhythmic gymnastics, flamenco, ballet, tango, belly dance, sevillanas, or even Pilates and karate. This is the ideal place for little ones to improve their coordination, social skills, and independence while moving their bodies.

Hopefully, our list of 12 dancing schools for kids in Valencia will help you to find the right dancing class for your children and maybe for yourself as well.

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