Raising Thoughts – Coffee & Chat For Parents In Valencia

Raising Thoughts - Coffee & Chat For Parents In Valencia Valencia KidsWhat is it?

Being a parent is a lot of fun, but it isn’t always easy. In the rush of everyday life, we often don’t have the time to think about how to deal with issues when raising our children. Most of us come across questions that we just cannot find the answer on our own. We can talk with friends and family about it, but sometimes they aren’t nearby or you don’t want their advice. Or you are ashamed to talk with them about certain subjects. With the concept of ‘Raising Thoughts’ we want to create a meeting point for parents to openly talk about specific ‘raising’ topics. It’s in between having a coffee with your friend and talk about your children and going to a psychologist. We want to create a structured morning where you can take a moment to reflect and talk about certain subjects and to have an honest and open conversation about it. The (child) psychologists Sara and Femke will introduce the topic of the day and will be there for any questions, doubts and discussions. Our ‘Raising Thoughts‘ mornings are very relaxed: every Monday morning, we meet at a café in Valencia,  drink a cup of coffee together and we talk about topics related to raising kids.


Who are ‘we’?

Raising Thoughts - Coffee & Chat For Parents In Valencia Valencia KidsRaising Thoughts has been started by us: Sara Helmink and Femke Conradie. We are two Dutchies who met each other in Valencia. We are both educated in the field of psychology. Sara is a psychologist with a lot of experience in diagnosis and therapy. She works mainly with adults and teenagers. Sara has been living for half a year in the beautiful city of Valencia and works online with clients. Femke is a behavior and educational specialist (comparable with a child psychologist) and has experience in working in the Netherlands at schools and centers for youth and families. Femke has been living for three years in Valencia and offers the same expertise here as she did back in the Netherlands. We recognized how important it is to step back every now from the daily routines and take time to think about things that concern us and how much it helps to share experiences with others. And that’s why Raising Thoughts was born. We work together with other psychologists who will join us as guest speakers every now and then.


Why do we do this?

Raising Thoughts - Coffee & Chat For Parents In Valencia Valencia KidsSometimes you come across moments in life that you like to share and you need somebody to think with you. You can talk with friends, but in the everyday chat sometimes you don’t really talk about the things you need to talk about. Or sometimes you’re ashamed to talk about certain topics. This is often happens with raising children. We all know there is no perfect parent and no perfect child. Still, sometimes it is hard to open up about what is going on in everyday family life. And talking about your children is so close to your heart that it makes you vulnerable. But because it’s so close to your heart it’s important to talk about it. That’s the reason why we organize Raising Thoughts mornings.
We also believe prevention is better than curing. Our aim is to make psychology approachable and not something difficult like lying on a chair and digging in your early childhood (which sometimes can be very useful as well). We want to create an atmosphere where we can openly think and talk together about specific topics and how to deal with them. We would like it to be an open and respectful conversation, where we can share our experiences and help each other.


This is the way it works:

Raising Thoughts - Coffee & Chat For Parents In Valencia Valencia KidsWe meet every Monday morning in a cafeteria, one week the conversation will be in English, the other week in Spanish. We propose every week a topic (ideas are welcomed of course) and we prepare an introduction. After the introduction, we will exchange thoughts and experiences in a relaxed atmosphere while drinking the well deserved coffee or tea. At the end, we will provide a short summary of the morning. Please sign up for the events via our Facebook or Meetup page, so we know how many people are coming. We only charge 5 Euro for each meetup, which includes a drink.

If you have any questions about our Raising Thoughts mornings or anything else, please get in touch via our contact form or Facebook page. We would love to hear from you.


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