Theatres for Kids in Valencia

The word, theatre, comes from the Greek “theatron” and means a “place to contemplate”. It is an art that represent stories in front of an audience, combining acting, speech, gestures, scenography, music and sound. Whether as spectators or actors, children’s theatre offers a special experience for kids. Today we can enjoy plays for all ages. Besides being a great form of entertainment and a way to spend leisure time with the family, theatre is also a great way for children to learn. Watching theatre increases their concentration and makes them understand the world better thanks to the analysis of the plots presented. Most children’s plays have a moral or teaching that transmit values to them. If you live in or are visiting Valencia and want to take your child to the theatre, this list is for you. Take a look at 10 of the main theatres offering children’s available in the city of Turia.

El Teatret – Teatre de La Caixeta

El Teatret of Valencia exhibits children’s plays. Its space is dedicated to a program of spectacles for the little ones in order to awaken their curiosity about the world of the art. El Teatret was created to offer a unique artistic experience to the youngest members of the family. It is a meeting place where children between the ages of 5 and 9 can enjoy a wide range of theatre courses and workshops both with their families and their schools. They also offer training courses for adults and theatrical performances for the whole family on weekends. The weekdays are dedicated to school groups. The performances will be the first contact with the world of theatre for many children. The atmosphere is cozy and the attention personalized, since friendliness is a fundamental premise.

Puppet Theater La Estrella

Since 1995, the Puppet Theater La Estrella has been offering presentations dedicated to children. It is the first theatre of its kind in Valencia. On weekends and holidays, and scheduled weekdays, they offer sessions for schoolchildren. They have two halls, one located in the district of El Cabañal and the other in the area of La Petxina. The company of Marionetas la Estrella has a long career in children’s performances. It has produced more than twenty shows, both for their fixed program at their headquarters in Valencia and for national and international tours and festivals. They are known for their dedication to the details of their productions and expert artistic direction. Their main premise is that the entire audience, regardless of age or origin, will enjoy the magic and fantasy of the theater.

Sala Carolina

Sala Carolina opens its doors to offer all kinds of shows in Valencia to the public. This is a place where you can comfortably enjoy the scenic art and feel at home at the same time. They are proud to collaborate in the growth of the Valencian and national arts. It has more than 1000m2 dedicated to this end. It also has a large stage and an ascending armchair space that provides great visibility with a seating capacity of 215 people. They offer children’s plays, comedies, independent theatre, live music, exhibitions, concerts, talks and improvisation. In the cafeteria you can buy popcorn, chips, drinks or whatever you or your children desire during a performance. The children’s performances are visual and participative. This theatre was born with the intention of spreading dramatic proposals in an innovative space.

L’Horta Teatre

L’Horta Teatre is a veteran theatre company that produces shows for children and adults. They manage the Sala L’Horta, a stage space aimed mainly at children’s theatre for family audiences that also functions as an educational center. This theatre organizes touring shows and school programs. Children are the protagonists of the venue. It has a capacity of 288 people and is the location of a theater contest organized by the Junta Central Fallera. Don’t let your kids miss this space of theatrical creation immersed in the Valencian culture. They have been offering cultural shows in the city for more than thirty years and have become an artistic must in Valencia.

Centre Teatral Escalante

The Escalante Theatre in the city of Valencia is a recreational and educational project created in 1985 by the Provincial Council of Valencia to promote theatre among children. It is a room where the works are intended for kids, so many schools visit regularly. The theatre was created to introduce and teaching young people – and the not so young – the love of theatre and performance, whether the classics, puppetry or dance. It also organizes cycles and festivals. The original venue had 400 seats in an atmosphere decorated like the Italian classics. However, at the end of 2016, an engineering report revealed serious structural deficiencies in the historic building that had been housing the Escalante Theatre and the Valencia Provincial Council decided to close the building a year later. The institution remains committed to its artistic project, but it has been forced to enter an itinerant period in various theaters of the city under the name of Escalante Nómada until it finds stable headquarters.

Teatre El Musical

This cultural center resides in a former cinema from the 1920s. It organizes theatre plays, dance events, concerts and conferences. El Musical Theatre (TEM) is a stage center that belongs to the City Council of Valencia. It was built on what was an old cinema site in the emblematic Valencian neighborhood of Cabañal-Cañamelar. After the building’s rehabilitation, the TEM reopened its doors to the public in 2004 with a completely new well-equipped modern interior. The TEM’s auditorium holds 403 spectators, and its rehearsal room and large hall are suitable for multiple events and exhibitions. In the TEM, every season there are not only plays, but also concerts and musical cycles, dance shows, opera, zarzuela, film screenings, conferences and exhibitions. On weekends, their program includes family shows with a multidisciplinary agenda: puppets, an actors’ theatre and children’s musicals. It is important to bear in mind that this theatre has a playroom and nursery service where parents can leave their children while they enjoy a show.

Sala Off

The Escuela Off Artes Escénicas has two decades of experience. The Sala Off is a fully-equipped theatre, with its own professional acting and audiovisual production company, turning Off into a consolidated center with an integral approach to satisfy the needs of all audiences. The Sala Off was inaugurated in 2002, and since then, it has been open intermittently due to the dictates of municipal licenses. Since April of 2018, it has been operational once again after expanding its facilities to two theatres and carrying out several updates. Its agenda now includes a stable program in two halls with shows from Wednesday to Sunday, including dance on Wednesdays, music on Thursdays, cabaret on Fridays and a children’s and adult theatre on Saturdays and Sundays. This schedule is subject to change.

Teatro Flumen

The Flumen Theatre was inaugurated in 1958 as a cinema. It later became an art and rehearsal room, and in its last stage, it was a popular summer terrace. In 2007, it ceased all activity, until it recovered in 2010. After a complete reform, the room opened its doors as we know it today, the Flumen Theatre. It is one of the emblematic theatre halls in Valencia, with a very diverse and complete program for all tastes and ages. From modern stage presentations, small and large in format, to stand-up monologues, musicals, concerts, children’s shows or zarzuelas, it has been thriving In addition, in the summer, they open their inner terrace for summer cinema, an ideal place to take advantage of cool nights in the best company. The Flumen Theatre is an important reference point for the city of Valencia and its dramatic panorama, having positioned itself as a vehicle for communication between artistic creators and the public. You can check the varied children’s offerings on its website every month.

Sala Russafa

The Centro Cultural Docente de Artes Escénicas (Cultural Center for the Teaching of Performing Arts) – Sala Russafa is a project set up by the theatrical company Arden Producciones in February 2011. This project was born with the aim of providing the Russafa neighborhood and the city of Valencia a multipurpose space to accommodate the performing and plastic arts as well as artistic teaching. They have a regular program of theatre and dance with different alternatives for all types of audiences. There are two rehearsal rooms for dance and theatre, courses, workshops, conferences and, finally, an exhibition space for plastic expression (painting, sculpture, photography, video art, sculpture and graffiti). The facilities of Sala Russafa are extensive In the future, they will specialize in theatre for babies (from 0 to 3 years old). In addition, as extra activities they offer theatre workshop for boys and girls (from 5 to 12 years old) every Tuesday.

El Marionetari

The Marionetari is an association born in 1998 in the city of Valencia for the dissemination of the art of puppetry. It offers a space of diffusion, formation, creation, experimentation, and a ludic-pedagogical platform for the art of the puppetry. Puppets and children are the protagonists at Marionetari. The audience consists of children, who enjoy the various sessions. You can support this initiative by becoming a member and participating in the activities, shows, exchanges, conferences, events and workshops. Upon joining Marionetari, you will receive discounts on the shows, workshops and all other activities offered. You can learn more about this initiative on their website.

Let the show begin!

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