Things To Do With Kids In Valencia In April 2019

April is coming, bringing with it the Easter season. The agenda for children and families in Valencia is full of activities and there will be no time for boredom. This magical city offers the best fun for children. So if you live here or are visiting during April, check out our top 10 tips for things to do with your children in April:

1. “The Pied Piper of Hamelin” in La Rambleta

This classic has become a musical for the whole family who will have fun singing and dancing. It arrives at La Rambleta of Valencia on Saturday, April 6th at 17:00. The pied piper, year after year, century after century, version after version, has been giving hints, revealing mysteries and, at the same time, gathering all the magic, fantasy and musicality it has found along the way. It takes place in an open cave in the mountain surrounded by enigmas. There is no a single interpretation for the perennial story that has always captivated children with its mystery. The legend that passes from generation to generation with two diametrically different endings: children return to the village with their families or they do not return at all. Do not miss this music-laden medieval tale that will entertain the whole family for 75 minutes. The event is on schedule at La Rambleta.

2. Le Petit Matisse: Aúpa Leré

Aúpa leré, percussion for babies, is an interactive concert for children presented by Antonio Cimadevila and Vera Garrido from the Percumento Company. The four elements of nature intervene: water, air, earth and fire. From these elements, songs and musical passages are created with instruments of the percussion family, many coming from the cultures of Latin American countries (Caxíxis, Sékeres, Güiros, Gansás, Uñas de llama, Tamarindos, Cortinas, Carrillón, Palos de lluvia, Maracas, etc.). This show for little ones is a playful approach to the sounds of simple instruments and contributes to the development of memory and auditory differentiation. In the second part of the show, percussion instruments are distributed among the audience and various musical activities carried out by playing and collectively experimenting with musical expression and creation. Do not miss this fun activity on April 7th at 17:00 in the Matisse Hall.

3. Harry Potter: The Exhibition at the Valencia Science Museum

Harry Potter is back in Spain! From 13th April, fans of the magician and his friends will be able to enjoy Harry Potter: The Exhibition at the Science Museum. Decorations, original objects from films of the famous saga and many more surprises will bring a unique experience to Valencia. With more than 1,500 square meters visitors to The Harry Potter exhibition will enjoy Hogwart-inspired settings, costumes and fantastic creatures from the films. Several interactive elements are included: you can enter the Quidditch area and throw a Quaffle ball, extract a Mandrake from a pot in the Herbology class and even tour Hagrid’s hut and sit on his gigantic chair. Since its successful premiere at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago in 2009, the exhibition has been presented in major cultural and entertainment institutions and museums in cities around the world. You will also be able to access an exclusive audio guide with details about the making of the films, comments from the producers and costume designers and magical creatures of the saga. If your child (or you) is a fan, you can’t afford to miss this event on the 13th of April at the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum.

4. “The planets and the moon in the palm of the hand” in the MuVIM

Some inventions change the course of history, for example the telescope. Have you ever seen the moon up close? On Saturday, April 13th, kids will have the opportunity to observe with the crescent moon in the children’s workshop, “The planets and the moon in the palm of the hand.” Parents or relatives can accompany children from 6 to 14 years to this free activity. In this workshop, children will learn more about the telescope and many other astronomical artifacts that have not only changed our conception of the universe, but also our understanding of the world and our place in it. Later, the children will observe the crescent moon through the telescope. The workshop will take place on April 13th at 18:00 outside of the MuVIM.

5. ENCANTERIUM: 1º school of magic and wizardry in Castillo de Benissanó

If you want your child to spend a different kind of morning practicing magic tricks, working with disappearing objects, making transformations or creating potions, this is the perfect plan. Would you like to meet some of the most famous magicians and witches in history and hear their stories? If so, we invite you to let your child become an aspiring magician and develop his or her magical abilities. The venue is the impressive Benissanó Castle on the 19th and 20th of April from 10:00 to 14:00. This may not be Hogwarts, but the experience will be incredible. Among the Encanterium activities, you will find a magic wands workshop, potions and spells classes, transformations session and, finally, a graduation party with a magic show included. The activity is recreational for children from 3 to 12 years accompanied by their parents. Book the event by sending an email to with the message subject, “Encanterium,” and a text including your name, number of places, ages and day of selected function. Hurry up! There are only a few places!

6. Yoga for kids in the Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden has prepared this fun physical activity so that the youngest family members can meet nature. This cycle of activities that takes place on April 7th and 14th consists of yoga sessions for kids from 3 to 10 years old, who will enjoy both the children’s and family classes. This is an excellent way to connect the young ones with nature by practicing a physical activity surrounded by the amazing plants of the Botanical Garden. You have probably heard about the many benefits of yoga, and all of them apply to children, too. Allow your children to develop better concentration, breathing and relaxation, while improving strength, flexibility, coordination and body posture. During the activity, besides yoga, attendees will have fun with music and stories, increasing their creativity and imagination while establishing a positive link with the natural environment. Reserve your seat by sending an email to or through their website.

7. 12th Pillow War in Valencia

The Plaza de la Virgen will be the battlefield of a pillow war on Saturday April 6th during the 12th edition of the Pillow War in Valencia. From 18:30h and for 15 minutes, you and your children can release adrenaline in a fun way in a leisure format. The activity is completely free: just take your pillow and wait for the signal to give free rein to the fun, but you must respect the rules. The pillows must be soft and without feathers. You must hold them by the zipper and not hit people not carrying pillows or those holding a camera. Everyone can participate because it does not matter your age or the size of the pillows. It is recommended to take off your eyeglasses beforehand. You can also go in costume or pajamas, of course. Don’t miss this original event!

8. Menut Palau! is back

Menut Palau! returns to the Palau de la Música in Valencia with a program designed for children to learn about and enjoy music. You can bring children of different ages to Menut Palau! to awaken their passion for music. During the month of April, the performances will take place on the 6th and 7th, when you will be able to see Violeta and the thousand and one nights, a tale-concert with theatre and dance for kids from 3 to 10 years old in the Sala Rodrigo.

9. Cross Escolar Poblats Marítims 2019

The Club Atletismo Poblats Maritims is organizing the School Cross taking place on the Malvarrosa Beach in the categories of cadet, infantile, alevín and benjamín, in addition to pre-benjamín and small (both not competitive). It all happens on the 13th of April with the first event at 9:30h. The maximum number of registered runners is 500 between all the categories. By registering your children, you will be contributing to the CA Poblats Marítims Athletics School. This event has been prepared for children with the aim to promote sports, values and solidarity.

10. Fun on Ice Easter School

During the Easter season in April, there will be plenty of different Easter schools and workshops designed to entertain children, while their parents continue working. However, what could be more fun than an Easter school on ice? Fun On Ice consists of four days of new friends, games, workshops and lots of sports for kids. From Tuesday April 23rd to Friday April 26th from 9:00 to 14:00, children from 4 to 12 years old will be able to attend this original event where they will strengthen social relationships through group activities, develop empathy towards peers and learn assertive conflict resolution. In addition, the workshop includes equipment for ice-skating, a daily lunch and workshops off the ice… everything your kid needs for four days of sports fun. Fun On Ice’s specialised instructors also teach those children who don’t know how to skate on ice.

Hopefully, our list of things to do with your children in Valencia in April will inspire you for some family fun. If you liked this post, please don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter to stay up-to-date with top places and activities for kids in Valencia. Also, please check out our other blog posts with lots of fun activities, events and locations in Valencia for the whole family.

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