Top 10 Child-Friendly Museums in Valencia

Valencia is a culturally rich city with a large list of museums to enhance enthusiasm for authentic cultural and natural heritage. Museums are a great way to let your children explore and learn about history, science, art and more in their own time. To give you a kick start with exploring Valencia’s museums, we have created a list of  top 10 child-friendly museums in Valencia that are worth visiting with the whole family:

Top 10 Child-Friendly Museums in Valencia Valencia Kids1. Centre del Carmen
The Centre del Carmen, a contemporary cultural centre, is located in a beautiful old convent in Valencia. It hosts many artistic events including visual and performing arts, cinema, music, design, literature and more. It also offers different rotary workshops and free diverse activities. In November 2016, they have created an art room specifically for children from 0 to 3 years old. This exciting space is called “Espai de Telles” and is an inclusive room for small children to experience early stimulation, develop their senses, and explore different toys and puzzles. If you have little kids and you want them to explore art at a young age, Centre del Carmen is the perfect place to visit.


Top 10 Child-Friendly Museums in Valencia Valencia Kids

2. Science Museum at City of Arts and Science
This is a landmark that offers interactive experiences in order to stimulate curiosity and critical thinking in children starting at a young age. The museum displays different interactive exhibitions and many outreach activities specifically designed to offer an up-close approach to science and technology in a fun and entertaining way – learning all about science, the environment and technology. With “Science on stage”, experiments take place and presentations are provided, where children will enjoy incredible displays and learn basic scientific principles. This is undoubtedly the place for learning about science in Valencia!


Top 10 Child-Friendly Museums in Valencia Valencia Kids3. Ratón Pérez’s Tooth Museum
The “Ratón Pérez” is a little mouse that collects the teeth of children from under their pillows, just like the Tooth Fairy does. Ratón Pérez’s Tooth Museum was created to exhibit part of this story. It was made to look like the place where the Ratón Pérez keeps all the teeth he collects from everyone all over the world, and here, you can learn about how the teeth, coming from all continents, are stored and then transformed into different art pieces that are sold in order to collect money to leave under children’s pillows. Your kids will be amazed when they discover all the passages to transport the teeth and the machines used to process them. Here, you will also find a library with books for mice and a miniature city specifically designed for these little rodents. Your family will be able to get in touch with the magic world of mice and enjoy puppets, tales and teeth. The Ratón Pérez is awaiting your visit!


Top 10 Child-Friendly Museums in Valencia Valencia Kids4. L’Iber, Museum of Lead Soldiers
L’Iber, Museum of Lead Soldiers is located in an old gothic palace and holds the world’s greatest collection of historic figures, represented in miniatures distributed throughout fifteen different rooms. Visiting this museum with kids is the perfect opportunity to experience a little trip through Valencian history and learn all about culture through these little figures. Your kids will definitely enjoy this unique historic approach and, of course, if you like miniatures, don’t miss L’Iber, Museum of Lead Soldiers!


Top 10 Child-Friendly Museums in Valencia Valencia Kids5. Casa Mágica, Museum of Magic
If your kids love magic and you want to spend an amazing day with your family, you should visit this enchanting museum, located in Polinyà de Xúquer, about 40 minutes by car from Valencia city. As soon as you walk through the door, you will be entering into a fantasy world where anything is possible. Find incredible things such as fun and distorting mirrors, fleas dressed in tiny clothes, optical illusions, riddles, robots, speaking dolls, magic shops, and even a room where you can walk on the roof! The Museum of Magic also offers different courses and workshops on magic, clubs for kids and accommodation in thematic rooms. Your children will love this magical experience.


Top 10 Child-Friendly Museums in Valencia Valencia Kids6. Fallas Museum
This museum hosts an important exhibition of the traditional celebration of Las Fallas which is now officially part of UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. At Las Fallas many “ninots” (giant puppets) are displayed around the city, and at the end of the festivities, they are either saved by popular vote or burned in a special celebration with fireworks. In this museum you will discover the history of this tradition, happening since 1934, along with old posters, saved ninots, photographs, and a lot of memories of this particular celebration. Experience part of Valencian folklore and enjoy the incredible puppets set up for viewing. This visit is a must if you want to get in touch with the culture of this city.


Top 10 Child-Friendly Museums in Valencia Valencia Kids7. Valencian Modern Art Institute IVAM
The IVAM is an institute focused on the research and dissemination of contemporary art. It offers a complete program which includes artistic representations, temporary exhibitions, publications, conferences, workshops, courses, concerts and other activities aimed to enhance modern artistic expression. Some of the educational workshops are designed for kids over 3 years old, with the purpose of stimulating their understanding of creative works of the contemporary art. Your children will be able to interact with the artistic experimentation and value the modern expressions of art.


Top 10 Child-Friendly Museums in Valencia Valencia Kids8. Titelles Museum
This international museum is a special place in Valencia, created with the aim of portraying the value of the art of puppets and marionettes. It exhibits a great collection, coming from different countries and representing different cultures and ages; important representations of puppets from the most emblematic worldwide entertainment companies. Your family will experience the magic of puppets from a different perspective, which includes cinema and television. The Titelles Museum also offers workshops for your kids.


Top 10 Child-Friendly Museums in Valencia Valencia Kids9. Museum of Natural Sciences of Valencia
This hidden paleontological treasure, located in the Vivero Gardens, allows children to appreciate an impressive fossil collection and different exhibitions teaching about the history of the planet. It offers different interactive areas where kids will be able to get in touch with real paleontological pieces of history and is divided into four sections in which children and parents will learn about the natural course of the earth in an exciting and entertaining way. There is a café in front of the museum where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and some ice cream with your family.


Top 10 Child-Friendly Museums in Valencia Valencia Kids10. Craft Centre of the Valencian Community
This centre is a free museum where families are able to attend exhibitions, workshops, fairs, and spaces dedicated to the craft world. It offers various activities specifically addressed to kids, made for them to be able to learn the different processes of craft creation. The aim of this museum is to stoke the fire within children and create enthusiasm for craft-made representations. Your kids will learn how to take advantage of simple materials and tools to create wonderful works, as well as appreciating the cultural value and importance of handmade pieces of art.


Hopefully, our list of Top 10 Child-Friendly Museums in Valencia will help you get started with visiting some amazing museums in Valencia with your family. If you liked this article, make sure to sign up for our Valencia Kids’ newsletter to never miss any of our blog posts in future.

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