Top 15 Playgrounds in Valencia (incl. map)

No matter how many new attractions for kids exist nowadays, playgrounds will always be a perfect choice for entertaining our children. Playgrounds help our kids develop their physical strength (improving the cardiovascular, circulatory and neurological systems) as well as improve their skills of cooperation, patience and language. Luckily, Valencia offers a great variety of modern and cool playgrounds for kids of all ages. Here is our list of Top 15 Playgrounds in Valencia for you:

1. Gulliver Playground

Top 15 Playgrounds in Valencia (incl. map) Valencia KidsLocated in the Turia Park, this outstanding attraction represents the main character of the tale “Gulliver’s Travels” who is captured by the people of Liliput. The park itself is a giant body, and serves as an amazing playground for children to climb and slide as if they, too, are little Lilliputians from the original story written by Jonathan Swift. This is one of the most popular places in the city to visit with kids. The playground is surrounded by benches and grass that invite for relaxation. The entry is free and toilets are available.


2. Playground at Rambleta Park (with shade)

Top 15 Playgrounds in Valencia (incl. map) Valencia KidsBuilt around an old watercourse, the Rambleta Park has a huge playground with different installations for different ages. Your kids can release their energy on the playground (which offers lots of shade in the summer) or by running or cycling through the park. The park’s botanical diversity and little creek make it the perfect urban oasis to visit with your kids.


3. Playground at Cabecera Park

Top 15 Playgrounds in Valencia (incl. map) Valencia KidsThe playground at the Cabecera Park offers splendid entertainment in form of a huge pirate boat where the little ones can climb, slide, jump and have fun. Parents can watch their kids while relaxing on the benches or green areas around the playground. This is definitely a great place for a picnic. Only a few meters away is a café next to the lake of the Cabecera Park. At the weekend, you can rent pedal boats and explore the lake with your family.


4. Playground at Ayora Park (with shade)

Top 15 Playgrounds in Valencia (incl. map) Valencia KidsThe playground at the Ayora Park, offers different play zones for children and benches with tables for re-charching energy. Huge trees provide shadow in the hot summer days and the park itself invites for a relaxed stroll. The metro station Ayora is right next to the park if you prefer coming by public transport.


5. Playground at Rafelbuñol Park

Top 15 Playgrounds in Valencia (incl. map) Valencia KidsThe 43.000 m2 huge park in Rafelbuñol features five different playgrounds designed for kids of all ages, where fun is guaranteed. Additionally to the slides, tubes and climbing installations, you will find half pipes for scooters and scaters as well as football and basketball fields. Lots of green areas in the park make it ideal for picnics in the grass. In case you forgot to take food, there is also a café in the park that offers delicious food and drinks. Public toilets are available too. Although the park is a bit outside the city of Valencia, it is definitely worth the visit.


6. Playground at the Marina Real

Top 15 Playgrounds in Valencia (incl. map) Valencia KidsRight next to the Malvarosa beach is this beauty of a playground located. The installations are designed for different ages including training facilities for adults. One of the highlights of the playground is the Zip Line which is demanded by kids and adults alike. Right next to the playground is a little café that offers snacks, drinks and ice cream. The playground is easily accessible by public transport.


7. Playground with cafeteria at the Turia Park

Top 15 Playgrounds in Valencia (incl. map) Valencia KidsThis playground is located between the Gulliver Park and the path towards the City of Arts and Science. It offers lots of different slides, swings and climbing facilities for kids of different ages. Next to the playground is a small cafeteria where you can enjoy a coffee and snack. Don’t worry if you suddenly see a lot of police approaching the café next to the playground. This café is a popular place for the local police too!


8. Playground at La Pinada Park (L’Eliana) (with shade)

Top 15 Playgrounds in Valencia (incl. map) Valencia KidsThis park offers several zones with swings, slides and climbing facilities covered by the warm shadow of large surrounding pine trees. Older kids can bring their bicycles and skates, as there are wide, paved areas designed for sports and cycling. Your children will be able to view the geese and swans in the nearby pond and the many parakeets living in a pagoda, making La Pinada Park a great place to spend a nice day with the entire family.


9. Playground at Jardines de Viveros (with shade)

Top 15 Playgrounds in Valencia (incl. map) Valencia KidsThe Jardines de Viveros, or Jardines del Real as it is also called, is one of the most emblematic gardens of the city. Not only will you find different playgrounds all over the park but also a skate park and cycling paths with traffic lights for your kids to practice traffic rules. If you enjoy a bit of cultural input, you are in the right place. The Museum of Natural Sciences and the ruins of the Royal Palace are located in this park, too and therefore make it a popular destination for the whole family.


10. Playground at Benicalap Park

Top 15 Playgrounds in Valencia (incl. map) Valencia KidsThe beautiful Benicalap Park offers different recreation and sports areas as well as several playgrounds with slides, swings and climbing facilities for kids to enjoy. If you visit the park, you should take the time for a walk through its beautiful nature. Its amazing water installations and fauna will make you forget about a stressful day.


11. Playground at the Plaza Mayor de Mislata

Top 15 Playgrounds in Valencia (incl. map) Valencia KidsThis playground has been specifically designed for all children, including those with functional diversity who commonly don’t find many play areas that have been adapted for them. The swings have been built with rubber seats and a special design, and there is a carousel accessible for wheelchairs. A second area for older children is also available, containing towers, slides, and climbing walls.


12. Playground at the Parc de l’Oest

Top 15 Playgrounds in Valencia (incl. map) Valencia KidsThis park offers wide green spaces for leisure, where all members of the family can relax and enjoy the day. There are two zones where you can find a great variety of children’s games, including playing areas designed for children with functional disabilities. Here, all children will be able to have fun in a safe and inclusive environment.


13. Playground at Mislata La Canaleta Park

Top 15 Playgrounds in Valencia (incl. map) Valencia KidsThis wide park, located in Mislata, has many green, sport, and leisure areas, including a playground and a cafeteria. You can spend the day outside with your family, having a picnic and resting in the shade of the trees while your kids enjoy slides and exciting activities. There is also a traffic park, specifically designed for children to learn traffic education in a fun way.


14. Playground at Parque Burjassot, La Granja

Top 15 Playgrounds in Valencia (incl. map) Valencia KidsThis park offers amazing play zones for children of all ages to enjoy. You can find swings for babies as well as older children, and colorful slides. There is an area with tables right next to the playground, which is a perfect place to have an outdoor lunch and rest after the locomotive ride, while your kids play.


15. Playground at Patacona Beach

Top 15 Playgrounds in Valencia (incl. map) Valencia KidsThe beach is definitely one of the most exciting places to visit with kids; and if there’s also a playground available, fun is guaranteed! If you visit Patacona beach, your kids will be able to enjoy not only the sand and water, but also the little playground with four slides directly on the beach. There are lots of cafés and restaurants around that offer delicious food and drinks. If you are a cake lover, we recommend visiting the cafe La Más Bonita while you are in Patacona. It has the biggest cakes we have ever eaten and an amazing variety of tastes like Nutella, Ferrero Rocher and many more. The rest of the food is not less delicious!

Hopefully, our list of playgrounds in Valencia has inspired you to explore some of them with your children.

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