What To Do With Kids In Valencia In July 2018

How has your life been since the summer holidays started? Are your days filled with joy and happiness or are your children getting on your nerves because they are soooo bored? Fortunately, Valencia has so many interesting and wonderful activities for kids to offer this month. We have done some work for you and created a list with 10 fun, children-friendly options to add to your summer agenda for the month of July.

1. Summer Workshops at the IVAM (Institut Valencià d’Art Modern)

What To Do With Kids In Valencia In July 2018 Valencia KidsThis year, the IVAM once again offers the summer workshops F’estio 2018, in collaboration with “Obra Social La Caixa”. This is a great opportunity for children, ages 6 to 12, to learn, enjoy, interact, and make friends in a diverse cultural environment. Each week, the workshop will change themes to offer a comprehensive program in the most exciting and entertaining way. Among the main themes offered, you’ll find architecture, illustration and editing of fanzines, dancing, performing arts, and storytelling. The workshops will take place from Monday to Friday, 9am to 2pm. Space is limited, so visit the link below and register quick!

2. Major Festivals of Picaña

Every year, this exciting celebration starts on the second Wednesday after the feast of St. Peter, and this summer it will take place from June 26th to July 14th. With a diverse agenda, including different activities both for adults and kids, enjoyment is guaranteed. Among the activities are various courses offered for children between the ages of 6 and 16. Outdoor activities, playgrounds, bicycle riding as well as BTT sessions and circuits, children’s parties, inflatable castles, and music and theatre exhibitions ensure that both parents and children will have an amazing time. To learn more, visit:

3. Prints and Accessories Design Workshop

What To Do With Kids In Valencia In July 2018 Valencia KidsThis interesting course gives your kids the opportunity to have tons of fun while learning everything there is to know about printing and accessories design. This space has been organized by LOBBE Espacio, for children from 8 to 13 years old, and is the place where your kids will be able to let their imaginations run free in a creative and exciting way. They will have the chance to learn painting techniques and different types of printing so as to create their own clothes. By the end of the course, your children will be authentic little fashion designers! This amazing 25 hour initiative is available from July 16th to 20th, 9am to 2pm. Learn how to reserve your place, below.

4. Malvarrosa’s Pirates

What To Do With Kids In Valencia In July 2018 Valencia KidsIn this fun activity, all members of the family will be able to become bold, exciting pirates and enjoy the Valencian sea life. The route of this amazing adventure encompasses the most interesting points of the offshore world, including the Reales Atarazanas, and is the perfect place to play role, playing games and make dreams come true while visiting pirate ships, treasure islands, and even interacting with the local seagulls. Malvarrosa’s Pirates are a blend of culture, fun and mystery, specifically designed for families to spend a summer evening a little differently. The days available are Saturday, July 14th at 6:30pm, and Friday, July 27th at 7pm.

5. Snow White Play

What To Do With Kids In Valencia In July 2018 Valencia KidsThis play is a modern version of the classic fairytale that is aimed at both children and adults alike. Prepared by Luna Theatre and representing the landmark story in a funny and artistic way, this is sure to be an enjoyable activity to experience with the family. Witness the struggle of Snow White’s evil stepmother as she desperately fights to become the most beautiful lady of the kingdom, while the beautiful princess takes refuge in the home of the seven dwarfs. You probably already know the rest of the story, but you cannot afford to miss this great performance on July 21st and 22nd in the Sala Carolina of Valencia.

6. Fun Jump

What To Do With Kids In Valencia In July 2018 Valencia KidsFun Jump is the biggest trampoline park in Spain, and offers more than 2500 square meters of jumping zones where fun and adrenaline are guaranteed. You and yours kids will be able to have amazing fun while also getting your daily exercise in. There is definitely no better way to tire out your kids than spending the day running and jumping, all while in a safe environment. Enjoy making pirouettes into the jumping basket, the free fall, the foam rubber pool, the ninja challenge, confrontation road, doing parkour, and the many other attractions available. Jump, relieve your stress, and even celebrate birthdays in the most exciting trampoline park around!

7. Science on Stage in the City of Science and Arts

What To Do With Kids In Valencia In July 2018 Valencia KidsThe City of Science and Arts of Valencia has prepared interesting workshops, developed by professional instructors in which science can be learned in a fun and academic manner. The different activities to choose from are available for the many ages and preferences of the public. Your kids can enjoy chemical and physical experiments about temperature, sound, technology, electricity, and much more (children under 12 years old should always be accompanied by a parent or guardian). You can learn more about the workshops available and how to register below:

8. LEGO® FUN FACTORY in the Aqua Shopping Center

What To Do With Kids In Valencia In July 2018 Valencia KidsIn this colorful place, kids can play with thousands of LEGO® bricks in an exclusive space located within the Aqua Shopping Center. With the space divided into two different areas—LEGO® DUPLO, aimed for younger children, and LEGO® CLASSIC for the older ones—kids of all ages can construct and play with LEGO® city, LEGO® videogames, “swim” in the giant LEGO® brick pool, or sing with LEGO® friends karaoke. The theme of some areas changes every three months, and entry is completely free. Learn more about the LEGO® experience by clicking the link below.

9. Summer in Bioparc

What To Do With Kids In Valencia In July 2018 Valencia KidsThe arrival of the month of July represents the official start of summer vacation, and in Bioparc, it’s no different. Extending the opening times from 10am to 21pm every day and offering wild experiences to all attendees, this is the perfect place to visit this summer. You and your family will be able to say “good morning” to giraffes, lemurs and hippos, and discover and explore the animals in the Equatorial Forest, the African Savannah, and the Forest of Baobabs. After a day of fun and learning, see the incredible sunset and say “good night” to them all before waking up the next day and starting again. Kids will be able to register in the African Expedition Summer School, from June 25th to July 21st; in this expedition, they will learn about the animals, their habitats, and natural conservation. This is undoubtedly at fun way to learn about wild life.

10. Photography Workshop

What To Do With Kids In Valencia In July 2018 Valencia KidsLOBBE Espacio has organized an intensive workshop of photography for children who want to explore this extraordinary field of creativity. In this 5 days course, your kids will learn the essentials of photography, the basic techniques, the ins and outs of cameras, and the basic concepts. Moreover, they will learn about the history of this art form and the most emblematic examples and references throughout history. You can choose the first week, starting on July 9th, or the second week, starting on July 23rd. This special course has been designed for children between 8 to 13 years old. Please find more info at the following link:

Hopefully, we have provided you with some interesting things to do with your kids in Valencia in July 2018.

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